Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dumbledore!! (11.10.14 - A week late)

I wonder what each of us would do if we were asked that question by the Savior. Would we look at those around us and say in our hearts, 'He’s probably talking about Brother Johnson. I’ve always wondered about him,' or 'I’m glad Brother Brown is here. He really needs to hear this message'? Or would we, like those disciples of old, look inward and ask that penetrating question: 'Is it I?'
In these simple words, 'Lord, is it I?' lies the beginning of wisdom and the pathway to personal conversion and lasting change."

I read this last week from President Uchtdorf's Conference Talk to the Priesthood. It hit me deeply. I asked myself, what am I truly at fault of? What have I need to change? Personal faults have maximized here in Kansas, such as questioning authority, focusing inward, overly-criticizing others, boosting pride, impatience, easy to anger and frustrate. When the Lord speaks through the scriptures or through my leaders to ME, and rebukes and calls to repentance, do I submit? Or excuse myself by the faults of others?

Whether others continually wrong my companion and I matters not. I have things to improve. I must change. What others do should never, ever keep me from doing the Lord's will and striving to become better.

Our numbers this week were alright. They could be better, ya know? Always haha... but they were a reflection of the inner issues preventing us from moving forward. I know that it is I. There is much that I did not and could not do because of my weakness, and I must repent and do better!

Everybody? Charlie is amazing. He has real demons in his past, and although they have come back full force to keep him from the waters of baptism he has clung to this gospel. White knuckles on the rod, we hold near him encouraging and speaking gentle words of the Savior as the storm blows our legs out from beneath us, and the rod has stood strong. Oh how the Lord always stands so firm and perfect. We are so lucky to lean on such an immovable foundation. Charlie is meeting with Pres Bell Tuesday for his official interview. He tells every member we bring to our visits that Heavenly Father has sent angels to him, and he is evolving gloriously because of it.

On a lighter note, my District Leader is a gifted artist, and blesses us with his talents set on a hill by drawing visual lessons. Here in this picture we see that SS, the semi, is approaching at great speed with billowing diesel fumes the timid PP, porcupine. We were left to ponder SS and PP... Silly String ain't got nothing on Puny Pickles? Prideful Prancers might be quilly, but Severus Snape has got the power? We were disappointed to learn that it was merely Solution Semi meets Problematic Porcupine. Despite all of the playful banter, we learned that we demolish problems in our life when we simply observe what stands in our way, and make necessary turns to dodge them.

hahaha, I love ya'll. So very much. I feel your prayers profoundly. I know I am distant and unresponsive a lot of the time to your kind letters and packages. I think of you and love you immensely!!

Sister Meowrphy

PS: feel free to shoot me an email of a recent ridiculous mishappening or silliness in your life! Good laughs heal the cockled soul :P

PPS: I challenge you all to read and contemplate Uchtdorf's words at: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/lord-is-it-i?lang=eng

It's that special time of the week!

Short email today!!

The week was full of endless personal changes and miracles, too much to write.

-Sister Mortensen and I were called upon to give talks in Sacrament yesterday; it was refining. I got to talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon. I ended up taking a turn at the podium, and sharing a personal story I had not anticipated sharing, about the past that helped me testify of the Book now. It is strange how the Lord pushes us to become so raw and vulnerable sometimes, I'm not certain why it is so important yet... maybe someday I'll understand haha.

-It was BITTER cold here! Had a small snow flurry also! We found an additional service opportunity at the humane society, walking dogs and cleaning pens. I got to escort a massive pooch named Champion! I thought maybe walking with him would end up in him charging toward a squirrel while I limply drag behind. Luckily he was well trained and listened to me with eager ears. I'm glad God sent us doggies :)

-Elder Schwitzer of the second Seventy came and spoke to the KWM, we gained some great insight on personal problems. We are very grateful we get to be around such prophetic men!

-Charlie is still progressing toward baptism. Said he chewed his last tin and ain't buyin no more. Smoking just tastes and feels awful now to him, and coffee's been replaced with Dr. Pepper. Good ol' Doc P!!

I'm still happy, still evolving, still climbing this mountain. I hope ya'll have been doing good. I just love hearing from you (and getting pics and videos! haha).


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candy, Candy Corn, and Sit-ups‏

SNAP: surrounded by musical and lovely blonde angels


This is s. Murphy coming at you from Topeka Kansas for the fifty thousandth and forty second week of emailing and WOW was it a banner week!

As usual. I mean when do I NOT have exciting news to share? Maybe one of these days I'll tell you about the daily downs of my life, because they are definitely there. But who wants to focus in on yuck and yuckiness when you can keep an eye SINGLE to the Glory of God? hahahha I'm so good at profound jokes haha

I woke up this morning on an air mattress covered in floral print. Behind me was a tall black board with colorful chalk stating "Sisters! Decode this message!!" Once we decoded it said, "We love it when the Sisters come. We feel a great Spirit!" And going upstairs Tracy had smoothies and toast waiting for us with great conversation.

In the lap of luxury here. Couldn't be more loved. I really couldn't. It's just the coolest when you serve people relentlessly and they are responding the same, so it's one big serve-fest and your smiles grow by the centimeter on the daily. This gospel is AMAZING!

We volunteered last Tuesday at the Evangelical Methodist Church, teaching English to ancient Mayan refugees. Although they are from Guatemala they don't speak Spanish, they speak Quiche. They are K-12 and so kind, all boys, well put-together, sincere, hilarious. They are ancient Lamanite descendants, no doubt about it!! Sister Morty and I wish we could tell them hahaha.... maybe one day, away from the EMC.

We have a particular family that is progressing toward baptism, and they've had some pretty creepy encounters in their horrific past. At last they came to church with us yesterday and we could feel the power of the Holy Ghost carrying the messages of the leaders and teachers into their hearts. That was of course apart from their constant focus on baby C.J., grandson of Sherrei who sat next to us in the chapel. It's never really perfect hahaha.

Charlie also came to church again yesterday....sort of :) Right before the meeting began he said he needed to go "powder his nose." Then sacrament came and still no Charlie... church was over and still no Charlie. Finally at 7 o'clock last night he called us. Said he'd stopped for a quick chat with Brother Gibson in the church hallway, who was so kind and loving that Charlie was suddenly overcome by emotion. He retired to his truck to let some tears out, "and they just wouldn't stop coming. I decided to drive around for a bit to clear my head, and they just wouldn't stop coming! For HOURS I cried and let out all of the pent up emotions my life's hardships has brought me. I just could not stop. ...I'm an evolving man, Sisters." He finished his shpeel by adding it was all because never had he met a church that was SO FULL OF LOVE.

This gospel punches water out of the faces of prideful men.

And we get to see it and "stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."

I was changed by that scripture by the way... was feeling overwhelmed and Morty said hey we should share this with our members tonight, but really it was just for me. "You know, brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves. Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."  [D&C 123]

Love you all :) Tootles!

Seester Meerphy