Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Apple Sauce

Okay guys, hi, so I'm sitting here thinking, "okayy Heavenly Father, what am I supposed to write home today? ..hmmm?" and then I thought, "if only you could know the stati (statuses) of your family and friends...for if you knew, then you could estimate at what capacity you could share the week's events, and more importantly, the week's learnings."

It's crazy how fast our mind thinks. Like right now, just as I'm typing you, I'm thinking of like three different things to add after it and woh this is weird and now I'll just finally cut the chase.

Could you all PLEASE please please email me back this week and share the following?:
1. Do you feel promptings from the Holy Ghost? How often?
2. What do those promptings typically feel like?
3. How do you KNOW they are promptings from the Lord, and not from the adversary?
4. How often do you act on them?
5. How often do you look back to see the blessings and goodness verses nothingness that occurs?
6. What miracles have you seen, and how has your testimony grown?
7. How is following promptings of the Spirit helping you with your relationship with Christ and his vision for you and your life (earthly and post-mortum)?

Okay, cool, so once I learn those things, I can share even MORE probably. Well, at least I will be able to understand where you all are at, because it really matters to me. Like a lot :) #WeBeAgents

Hahaha, alright, so now for some temporal world goodstuff!! Christmas was absolutely riveting!! We had a very spiritual experience with many sister missionaries in our zone. Sister Smith (whom we live with) helped us make a large breakfast (similar to the one my grandparents and parents make. YES!), and then we had a renovated nativity scene, focusing primarily on any sort of woman that might have been present at Christ's birth. It was incredible!

THEN we emailed our families (SUPER YES)!! I missed my cousins, but WOW it was amazing to be with you six (and the g-ma-pa). Bear turning 18, blossoming like a large lily. Chlo-bot in such an adorable relationship, painting money-makers. Meken Ben staying busy, loving the dating scene, and pinpointing academia. Parentals, wow, always inspired, creating a most beautiful home and involved in courageous, seriously cool work. MEGA YESSS!

Highlights for the week:
-Kayleigh Wright was baptized! She is nine, but super elect. Her non-member family have also been working toward baptism, we felt prompted to help her be baptized super last minute because, just as her confirmation blessing said, she is to be a shining light on the path to righteousness for her family.
-Caroling Christmas night!! Also, there were some adjustments to the zone's leadership, and some past friends have come in to help us serve. WOW I am excited, and loved caroling with like thirty elders and just us sisters. One sweet family cried a whole bunch, from Mexico, and said they'd never received such a gift. Sometimes I wish Americans were as pleased by simple acts as many other cultures are...haha
-Lavonne screamed for at LEAST a few long seconds when she found out she has a ride to the Salt Lake Temple in April. She will be quitting smoking asap (she is a lesser-active member we get to work with :D)
-Sawyer is still opening up emotionally, removing the mechanic mindset, and considering going to school in Utah as he continues preparing for batpism. Don't know why he would give up admission to Harvard to attend the University of Utah, but I'm certain there's no better place! (i may be JUST a tad biased... haaha)
-Hermana Wheadon and I are the happiest clams on the sea. I have never experienced this level of efficient work and open communication with a companion before. It is blissful and hard working on a totally new, and refining level that i just LOVE.

I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas! I really do hope to hear from you and your comments on feeling the Holy Ghost. I love you I love you I LOVE YOU! (elf style)

Sister Murphalurph

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Christmas, Harry!

[PREFACE: I was punching this morning, feeling hard core, refining the posture and the punch throws and the step-one-twos, and as I was dancing up and down to "stay alive" my mind unexpectedly paused peacefully, and I tuned in to comprehend. There it was, right inside me, leaping in my heart, it was the Spirit. The world was violent and rambunctious around me, a cacophony of dubstep and yet glowing within was the Holy Ghost.]
The door stretched open and we scrambled inward, toward the sisters sitting attentively as Sawyer spoke. The WSU Engineer Hall was spacious and filled with numberless tables and chairs, his refined English echoing around. We apologized, sat, and I focused on the table's smooth surface and breathed, in, out, in and out, calming my rapid pulse, meditating in preparation for a most meaningful meeting.

He was weary and worn from a 12 hour day of college and work, his eyes flittering exhaustedly. He apologized, and we small talked. Soon we asked, "so why? what changed from yesterday to today? what happened?" He proceeded to explain he had slept a mere 4 hours within the past 48 hours, studying desperately to know if this church is true. His passion was eminent, as was his disappointment. "Do you honestly believe that John Taylor was a prophet? How could you possibly support such a man full of himself?" Sawyer was attacking us. After enduring a dark and harrowing rant we finally interrupted, "We have just one important point to bring to you in answer to your questions and accusations. In all that you have studied and searched of the Book of Mormon and prophetic books have you yet sought for the testament of Christ within their pages?"

He stopped. He pondered. He set his hand on the book of Mormon as it sat on the table, pensive. Minutes of silence passed by, and he uttered, passionately, "No. You have pointed out my flaw, you have called me out perfectly. Let us put everything that has happened in the past until now aside. I will start as if it were the first time we ever met and I will listen to exactly what YOU want to teach. Teach me more. I will be baptized in January, and I will do whatever you ask of me. We will try this now, a new, and better way."

My heart leaped, and the Spirit swarmed surrounding.

Later that week after a couple more visits he later texted to Sister Wheadon and I, "Thank you for your lessons...I feel the Spirit speaking thru u...I have no words to describe your love. It's so genuine and it overwhelmingly fills my soul."

Keep in mind, my dear friends, that the things I share now with you are very sacred, very precious to me. Normally these are the experiences I refrain from sharing with you all in a letter such as this, and I do not seek for my own approval and accolades. However, I feel a push and a need to share these things with you, I feel the Spirit now as I type, an assurance that one of you out there, just maybe one of you reading, this message is for YOU.

Please do not spoil nor trod on the things I have shared. Sawyer has an eloquent mind and a tender heart, he is truly broken and contrite thanks to the rebuke and comfort of the Spirit of the Lord, our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. This is so real, so inexplicably real. Becoming a vessel in His hands has been.... words cannot describe..

Christmas is coming. The light of the Savior is filling every doorway stand and glowing grass figurines. The baby Jesus is everywhere, an God-inspired action to the world to remind us constantly that He Is The Gift. And this gospel, the glorious truth that sets us free, it too is The Gift. Discover it. Embrace it. Share it. That you might do this is my cry and plea to the Father, sincerely, for the joy it gives me, that it fills in every fiber of my and my companion's beings as we anxiously engage in His Hastening work, is the greatest gift of all.

I love you all, wow I love you. I am sorry I have no time to send or write much to you.... but please know, that Christ loves you. He loves you so much. He is mindful of everything you do, and desires your salvation as he beckons you to follow Him.

This is my testimony and desire, knowing completely that Christ is our Savior.

I love you I love you, Happy Christmas :)

Sister Murphy
Alma 36:3 (texted to us from Sawyer)

SNAPAROO: Hermana Wheadon, Sister Haren, Sister Barlocker, Sister Murphatron, ugly sweater zone specialized training party and recording a beautiful song (I played piano... obriously..)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Damos damos damos!‏

Hola amigos, hows it going?? Just a painfully rigid morning in Wichitarr today! Got up, threw a few punches and crunchitized my tummy fat, turned up the Boye and threw on a large sweater, and shouted IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

Hahaha, that last part may have been a lie, but wow I really wish I WOULD have shouted that. Doin it doin it everyday now, starting NOW!

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAS!! I'm just really enjoying the holiday cheer :) Did I ever tell you of that one doorstep approach to this one cute brunette girl and not only did she listen to the whole first lesson in the doorway but she also gave us each a fresh hot coacoa? See now THAT is a Christmas spirit :) I want to be like that, and like "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" "What's a Christmas gram, I want one!!!" to everyone we meet!

Last night we had soup at the Bishops house, and he picked up one of our new investigators Sushrutha (sushi for short) from India. Well NO, he didn't like fly out to India to pick him up, you silly! He is just at WSU here and wanted to learn more about our doctrine! He says ever since some particularly traumatizing and interesting home life stories he converted from Islam to believing in Christ. Since then he has researched and attended dozens of churches to learn which was right. We got so excited, last night Bishop testified that he doesn't really need to look further, because he found it. He found the priesthood. It reminds me of something Elder Covey said some years back, "Anyone who is keeping the commandments, regardless of what denomination or belief system they are one, will eventually be led to the covenant gospel." And we get to be the lucky missionaries to help him at his monumental turning point :)

Sue was baptized on Saturday!! She has had it so rough the past couple of weeks, it was such a gift to see her eyes wet with tears from the powerful bright Holy Ghost that entered her heart this weekend. She's all a-glow now, truly on fire!! Also, a particular fam we were led to and have been working with includes four gorgeous girls ranging from 9-16. All of them are desperate to be baptized. In fact, just as we were explaining the Priesthood they said of their own accord, "so when can WE get baptized??" despite having been baptized into another church, they just KNEW this is all true and right and they must be a part of it! Sorry I have so many run-on sentences today... hahaha. The family is just a goldmine of referrals, a boyfriend and soon their have accepted a baptismal date also. The other family we have been working with is finally being passed to the right church ward today, and we are happy they too are greatly anticipating baptism on the 24th this month.

Basically Bel Aire ward is on fire. Our zone sisters also are on fire, the zone training was exceptionally revelatory, and the work is hastening!!

I've got the Pine Minister brightly beaming now, and like an Airwick plugin he shoots clouds of wintergreen smell near our noses during our morning studies. I'm grateful my mother (and father, and Heavenly Father), have taught me to thoroughly enjoy the little things :) The holidays are just chock-full of small happy notes!!

I hope, of course, that you are all merrily dashing through the season, and giving at every opportunity!! These miracles I KNOW are because of the Savior, and wow what a great month of constant giving and giving back.

Love you all dearly!!

Hermana Murphatron

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dumbledore!! (11.10.14 - A week late)

I wonder what each of us would do if we were asked that question by the Savior. Would we look at those around us and say in our hearts, 'He’s probably talking about Brother Johnson. I’ve always wondered about him,' or 'I’m glad Brother Brown is here. He really needs to hear this message'? Or would we, like those disciples of old, look inward and ask that penetrating question: 'Is it I?'
In these simple words, 'Lord, is it I?' lies the beginning of wisdom and the pathway to personal conversion and lasting change."

I read this last week from President Uchtdorf's Conference Talk to the Priesthood. It hit me deeply. I asked myself, what am I truly at fault of? What have I need to change? Personal faults have maximized here in Kansas, such as questioning authority, focusing inward, overly-criticizing others, boosting pride, impatience, easy to anger and frustrate. When the Lord speaks through the scriptures or through my leaders to ME, and rebukes and calls to repentance, do I submit? Or excuse myself by the faults of others?

Whether others continually wrong my companion and I matters not. I have things to improve. I must change. What others do should never, ever keep me from doing the Lord's will and striving to become better.

Our numbers this week were alright. They could be better, ya know? Always haha... but they were a reflection of the inner issues preventing us from moving forward. I know that it is I. There is much that I did not and could not do because of my weakness, and I must repent and do better!

Everybody? Charlie is amazing. He has real demons in his past, and although they have come back full force to keep him from the waters of baptism he has clung to this gospel. White knuckles on the rod, we hold near him encouraging and speaking gentle words of the Savior as the storm blows our legs out from beneath us, and the rod has stood strong. Oh how the Lord always stands so firm and perfect. We are so lucky to lean on such an immovable foundation. Charlie is meeting with Pres Bell Tuesday for his official interview. He tells every member we bring to our visits that Heavenly Father has sent angels to him, and he is evolving gloriously because of it.

On a lighter note, my District Leader is a gifted artist, and blesses us with his talents set on a hill by drawing visual lessons. Here in this picture we see that SS, the semi, is approaching at great speed with billowing diesel fumes the timid PP, porcupine. We were left to ponder SS and PP... Silly String ain't got nothing on Puny Pickles? Prideful Prancers might be quilly, but Severus Snape has got the power? We were disappointed to learn that it was merely Solution Semi meets Problematic Porcupine. Despite all of the playful banter, we learned that we demolish problems in our life when we simply observe what stands in our way, and make necessary turns to dodge them.

hahaha, I love ya'll. So very much. I feel your prayers profoundly. I know I am distant and unresponsive a lot of the time to your kind letters and packages. I think of you and love you immensely!!

Sister Meowrphy

PS: feel free to shoot me an email of a recent ridiculous mishappening or silliness in your life! Good laughs heal the cockled soul :P

PPS: I challenge you all to read and contemplate Uchtdorf's words at: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/lord-is-it-i?lang=eng

It's that special time of the week!

Short email today!!

The week was full of endless personal changes and miracles, too much to write.

-Sister Mortensen and I were called upon to give talks in Sacrament yesterday; it was refining. I got to talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon. I ended up taking a turn at the podium, and sharing a personal story I had not anticipated sharing, about the past that helped me testify of the Book now. It is strange how the Lord pushes us to become so raw and vulnerable sometimes, I'm not certain why it is so important yet... maybe someday I'll understand haha.

-It was BITTER cold here! Had a small snow flurry also! We found an additional service opportunity at the humane society, walking dogs and cleaning pens. I got to escort a massive pooch named Champion! I thought maybe walking with him would end up in him charging toward a squirrel while I limply drag behind. Luckily he was well trained and listened to me with eager ears. I'm glad God sent us doggies :)

-Elder Schwitzer of the second Seventy came and spoke to the KWM, we gained some great insight on personal problems. We are very grateful we get to be around such prophetic men!

-Charlie is still progressing toward baptism. Said he chewed his last tin and ain't buyin no more. Smoking just tastes and feels awful now to him, and coffee's been replaced with Dr. Pepper. Good ol' Doc P!!

I'm still happy, still evolving, still climbing this mountain. I hope ya'll have been doing good. I just love hearing from you (and getting pics and videos! haha).


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candy, Candy Corn, and Sit-ups‏

SNAP: surrounded by musical and lovely blonde angels


This is s. Murphy coming at you from Topeka Kansas for the fifty thousandth and forty second week of emailing and WOW was it a banner week!

As usual. I mean when do I NOT have exciting news to share? Maybe one of these days I'll tell you about the daily downs of my life, because they are definitely there. But who wants to focus in on yuck and yuckiness when you can keep an eye SINGLE to the Glory of God? hahahha I'm so good at profound jokes haha

I woke up this morning on an air mattress covered in floral print. Behind me was a tall black board with colorful chalk stating "Sisters! Decode this message!!" Once we decoded it said, "We love it when the Sisters come. We feel a great Spirit!" And going upstairs Tracy had smoothies and toast waiting for us with great conversation.

In the lap of luxury here. Couldn't be more loved. I really couldn't. It's just the coolest when you serve people relentlessly and they are responding the same, so it's one big serve-fest and your smiles grow by the centimeter on the daily. This gospel is AMAZING!

We volunteered last Tuesday at the Evangelical Methodist Church, teaching English to ancient Mayan refugees. Although they are from Guatemala they don't speak Spanish, they speak Quiche. They are K-12 and so kind, all boys, well put-together, sincere, hilarious. They are ancient Lamanite descendants, no doubt about it!! Sister Morty and I wish we could tell them hahaha.... maybe one day, away from the EMC.

We have a particular family that is progressing toward baptism, and they've had some pretty creepy encounters in their horrific past. At last they came to church with us yesterday and we could feel the power of the Holy Ghost carrying the messages of the leaders and teachers into their hearts. That was of course apart from their constant focus on baby C.J., grandson of Sherrei who sat next to us in the chapel. It's never really perfect hahaha.

Charlie also came to church again yesterday....sort of :) Right before the meeting began he said he needed to go "powder his nose." Then sacrament came and still no Charlie... church was over and still no Charlie. Finally at 7 o'clock last night he called us. Said he'd stopped for a quick chat with Brother Gibson in the church hallway, who was so kind and loving that Charlie was suddenly overcome by emotion. He retired to his truck to let some tears out, "and they just wouldn't stop coming. I decided to drive around for a bit to clear my head, and they just wouldn't stop coming! For HOURS I cried and let out all of the pent up emotions my life's hardships has brought me. I just could not stop. ...I'm an evolving man, Sisters." He finished his shpeel by adding it was all because never had he met a church that was SO FULL OF LOVE.

This gospel punches water out of the faces of prideful men.

And we get to see it and "stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."

I was changed by that scripture by the way... was feeling overwhelmed and Morty said hey we should share this with our members tonight, but really it was just for me. "You know, brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves. Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."  [D&C 123]

Love you all :) Tootles!

Seester Meerphy

Monday, October 27, 2014


Fifty, crisp jeans and fancy cowboy boots, one-cigarette-two-three-chain-after-another, spit, fourth generation Kansan native, recently divorced leaving his family inheritance of a major antique plantation to her vanity, and a brain-vault of every religion's faults UNTIL HE MET SISTERS.

We are the second batch of Sisters to knock on his door and with his kindness he always listened and talked an awful lot, like talks our ears out. But it is always deep doctrine, the same, our doctrine, but his own theories and mullings as he has studied the Word. The last time he walked into a church was eight years ago to bid his passed father farewell. Yesterday morning unexpectedly he calls in confusion to the area being much more suburbized than he last remembered of it's fields of green, needing direction to the church.

Heart attack.

He was an hour early! Thank heaven we felt the need to go there much earlier than usual... and standing in the empty chapel made him so uncomfortable, so we walked. We rounded the parking lot seven times I counted. And we talked, and relaxed, prepared, became reverent.

Jesus Christ sacrificed his entire glorious life. He gave it all away. He put aside his family and his friends and food and hobbies and "work" and vacations. He fasted and he prayed, he taught and he healed, then he sacrificed himself. There was no payment made, why do people say that? He didn't PAY for anything I've finally realized, he went through it to change HIMSELF as a mediator. then we can see what he did and feel deep in our heart in our intelligence love and desire to change. He did it so that you and I can change. Charlie changed yesterday. He gave up his fear and his worry and pride, intimidation, trust issues, smoking, chewing, wasting away. He gave it up to know Christ more profoundly and I'm crying. I'm crying right now because he is changing.

Sorry guys, I'm a bit more deep today.... drawing nearer to Christ does that huh? haha

oh boy I'm going to be so weird when I get home hahaha. And I'm gonna STAY weird because Bednar told me to! I hope you all really prepare haha, I'm not going to be the same person and of course I'll play and laugh and be myself but I will NEVER stop this routine. I just can't. There is too much to do, so little time!

I love you, thanks for all that give updates it's incredible!!! Does anybody want some clothes?? and chocolate? haha, I'm giving them up. They are so dumb!


Sister Murphy

Monday, October 13, 2014

Takin away like a feather now‏

In the Wind! Cuz the real wind's here in Kansas
See the sky, wish I could put that all on canvas
Thinkin back, to those days spent up on campus
Never thought, life could be the slandest
Now I'm gone!
Gone fishin!
We baptize.
We ain't just wishin!
In the Kansas Wichita Mission!
We are the servants ooooff the Lord!

Just thought I'd give you a bit of an AWESOME song one of our Elders wrote awhile back. He's a freestyle rapper with a uke, heck yeah!
But it also fits because I really am leaving. I am transferring to Topeka Zone! Up North! Past Manhattan Kansas and somewhat near Kansas City. I assume it's a bit colder up there... and it's a smaller town called Holton, pretty isolated. Bout time! I've been wanting to experience a bit more authentic Kansas, rather than the run-down, citified suburbias with it's harsh super-wealthy/dramatically-poor dynamic.
This past week was mind-blowing. Which is unfortunate because I NEVER know what to say in these emails when this happens.... there simply are no words that can express the change distilled in me.
I guess it starts from regular scripture study and prayer. Through it I've been learning particular doctrine, which enables endless mysteries to become clearer, developing a firmer understanding of who I am and my purpose for my entire life on Earth. Naturally this enhances my relationship with God and heightens a keen attention to the Spirit. The next step was endurance. No matter how difficult overcoming particular weaknesses and trials are, one endures by "taking His yoke upon you." One must beg the Lord to guide you and hold their hand, the entire way. And lastly, what has more directly contributed to this past week's aha! moment was striving to become pure, even as Christ is pure. I've literally fasted from my worldly ways. I'm fasting from several carnal natures that have inhibited success and miracles from occurring within my ministry. It's been 13 days with 27 to go, and maybe even a lifetime if I choose it.
So, KABLAMMO!!! I'm a new woman! But it's not just like POP I'm new, I'm still striving and changing immensely every day. "Good measure, pressed down...shaken together, and running over."
There was a son of some of the dearest members I've bonded with here in HP. He visited over the weekend from Manhattan (ironically) and we joined the three of them for dinner (rice, beans, cheese and pickels. YUM!) (Really though, it was actually delicious). He had all of these questions, so articulately strayed from the reality of God and the Lord's just and merciful nature. His concern was that even if He is in fact just and merciful, we are STILL in HIS world, playing HIS game. ...wow. What a logical but SO WRONG perspective. I still honestly have no answers.... but it was a whirlwind of a night and Sister Cramer and I as women were no match for the task. However, the SPIRIT was, and He abided the entire conversation. He helped us know exactly what to say, not as I would say it, but as HE would.
As usual, this experience was sacred and I choose not to share details. I hold these experiences dear and merely hope and pray that all of you are striving for miracles in your life also. Are you actually putting aside the things of the world and digging deeper in Christ's teachings to apply them in your life? Are the things you do daily teaching you exactly what Christ's voice sounds like? When He calls, will you know it? And will He know you?
My heart is running over with joy and love for you all. I'm being catapulted into unknown (Topeka), and though my heart will be left behind I am THRILLED to behold a more daunting mountain to climb. I ache to boulder and slip and cling and hoist and strengthen. OH MAN!! This life on earth is so beyond exciting to live :)
I love you all and pray for you and wish you the best in your daily lives, included with BOM study and a prayer in your heart ;D
Sister Murph
Gonna miss Sister Cramer like crazy.... like so crazy. I love the crap outta her.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Left Side


"Hey ladies, I'm feelin sick again today, don't worry about coming to meet me let's reschedule."

We were driving when Ada texted us, and our hearts sunk, again. There's always the mental note, "let it go, this happens every day, just keep going." Seriously though, it is tough to receive rejections over and over again. But I took a deep breath and felt the impression we need to be bold this time. "Ada, we promise that if you let us in regardless today, you will feel better and our visit will go well." "Okay," she responded. Cramer and I cheered!!! Once we arrived and knocked they yelled for us to come in. Inside the cool, plant filled front room there was Ada, sitting in the recliner, looking feeble and battered. After a life of heavy drug addictions and then some, Ada at only 43 years old looked no younger than 70. As she has withdrawn her body has been destabilizing, not knowing how to function without the use of heavy drugs.

"I don't feel good at all today," her smoker voice muttered. We smiled and told her we were really grateful she let us in. She admitted a powerful Spirit came in with us (just as we had prayed for) and she begun feeling more at peace. We small talked, then reached to grab our scriptures when Ada suddenly said, "I can't feel the left side of my entire body. Deb, help me!!" The left side of her mouth was indeed lazy, and her head had sort of sunk back into the chair. Her roommate Deb in her old age was little to no help, and panic started surging through my veins. "I can't... breathe... Deb... help me.." I shouted for Deb to call 9-1-1 and Cramer and I knelt at Ada's feet to hold her hands, "Don't...you dare.... let.. go of ..my hands," she said, tears streaming down her lifeless face. Deb was making no progress with the medics, not understanding what was happening to Ada, so I grabbed the phone from her and kept them updated on the progress (yes, I get a bit too controlling sometimes haha). Then Cramer started praying. We prayed and told Ada that even if God's choice was to take her home that it was all going to be alright, she had repented and changed her life for the better, He was going to take care of her no matter what. She cried. Within minutes the medics appeared. "It's a codeRED," said one of them. As we clenched her clammy hands, Ada was having a major stroke.

We'd stay, but we really mus-dache!!! 
Just me, Sister Roquemore and Mama Bell, the President's wife!! keepin it real.

The rest of the evening was crazy, but Sister Cramer and I couldn't get over the peace that came from knowing it was God's will that His messengers be there for Ada in a trying moment. Another moment followed the next evening when a LA woman called us urgently to help find priesthood holders to bless her broken son. And then we were in homes for conference that needed our Spirit, needed the Lord's assurance that He loves them.

Two things I learned more profoundly: We NEED to pray for the help of the Spirit, and he will guide us. This is so hard to learn, it can only come line upon line as we diligently seek for His assistance and comfort. The Second is that we need to tell everyone, including ourselves (in the mirror even, like I do!) that their Father in heaven LOVES them. "You are HIS daughter, a queen, deeply loved and appreciated by Him, your Creator." I have Eyering's words from yesterday dancing in my thoughts, that I (and you) can never comprehend how much and how deeply Heavenly Father loves me (and you!).

Hope all has been well, hope you've filled your spiritual cup from Conference, hope you are applying it into your life and setting new goals!! I love you all so dearly. Time is flying. I am soaring :) I love you love you love you!!

Happy Octoberyness!! Best, Sista Murphateer

Monday, September 29, 2014


This is a short one my friends and I considered taking a break this week but I must leave you all with one particular experience that really was quite awesome.

The Lord truly orchestrates our path so that we can meet those who truly need Light in their lives. President Monson is all about "being on the Lord's errand," because it brings THE greatest joy. We walked up to our dinner appointment with Chi Chi and at the door her son cancelled because her lady time hit this week and she had hit the bed to snooze. So we walked, hungrily out to the street determinedly to finally contact that one person we really needed to see. We cross the street and approach the roaring train on it's tracks, waiting for all 126 cars to pass. And then run past the stinky stinky house with poop and hobo smell in the yard, slow down look up and get nervous because there was a woman walking toward us. For some reason it doesn't ever get easy to approach people on the street, but you do it. You just do it because the Lord called you to. "Hey are you doing okay?" We randomly asked (later to discover it was the Holy Ghost!). She wasn't. She was mad about all her life's drama and overwhelmed by her addictions and just wanting a sign from God that she was still loved.

She got emotional and smiled as we answered her questions and assured her we were the Lord's messengers, here to tell her that He loves her, so immensely and unconditionally. We were here to show her the way to pure peace and joy on a regular basis, through the Resotored Gospel and a living Prophet of God. She took the book excitedly.

The next day she texted us no, no don't come, she can't.

These moments are so important for us to have. So often they don't endure, but it comes with a lifelong emotion of accomplishment. For one moment you were living righteously enough and had committed to the Lord that you would ask EVERY person you meet to be baptized, and so he gave you someone broken enough to listen for just a fleeting moment. Just enough to maybe impact her life forever, even if we don't get to see it.

Keep up the prayers for people like Brandy! They need us.

Love you all loads, I'm still so very very happy to be out here and I love you all so very much. I'm so proud of my dear family at home. MAN they are awesome!!!
Sister Murphy

Monday, September 22, 2014


All I can say is I am so stinkin happy. Why? Gosh I dunno. Can't even sum it up, there are so many reasons. Too many. I sit here every week wonderin how on EARTH I'm gonna narrow my week to a few sentences. It's ridiculous and right now I feel it's impossible! There's too many good things. How about you all fly out to see me and I just stay here and keep living in such awesomeness and I'll just tell it to your face?
No? Fine.

Haha, okay so first of all Sister Cramer and I had the glorious and quick experience of Mary being baptized. Attached is a couple of grrrrreat photos of the occasion, she is half Cherokee and blood line of Lamanites. Prophesy, baby!!

Second of all, the Spirit is STILL following me and helping me make many many decisions daily. That is a wonderful feeling because, things may not be smooth, but I'll still be calm. I feel like sometimes even I'm in this storm, just yesterday actually. It was the apostles on the sea kind of storm, turbulent and dark and overwhelming and our hands were to our faces and we shrunk our shoulders to cry and then suddenly the Spirit of the Lord steps in and says PEACE, be still. And even just thinking of the feeling now is drooping my eyelids with pure focus and calm. I desire the Will of the Lord. I'm working hard therefore, whatever happens is God's will, and it is just and it is what's best. And as John says it, the truth will make me freeeeee.
Thirdly I've got amazing friends here in Kansas. It is such a joy to see people change from the gospel of Jesus Christ.... it's so hard to grasp the gospel and muster the strength to do what is BESTEST sometimes. Yet once you are back in the swing of things you can't ever imagine slacking again. You want to repent all day and keep a prayer in your heart and sing out loud and hug people and be patient and kind. These good friends of mine right this very moment are finally letting more of the atonement change them and they are happier and WOW it makes ME happier and joyous to see them improving. All because of our Savior Jesus Christ. The big brotha.
Basically I'm in love with being a missionary. I'm constantly puzzled about what I will do when the time comes to transition into home life and "what media will I watch??" and "where will I go??" and "would I ever return to crummy ol Kansas???" keep getting at me. Probs because I just hit my one year mark. HAPPY B-DAY SISTA MURPH DAWG. I'm a one-year-oldsie. ?Que estrano??? Spanglish haha. Cramer and I are good at that Spanglish thing on door approaches. Hola! Nosotros misionarios (as?) de la inglesia de Jesu Cristo des los ultimos dias! Tenemos un libro, el libro de Mormon! Podes.... leer? ....so bad.
Love yall! Hope life is wonderful!! I really hope you are loving people and being loved back most importantly, and following spiritual promptings. As Monson says, it's his most favorite feeling when he acts on a thought, then later discovers it was the answer to someone's prayer. Be that answer to someone's prayer today, eh?? Awesome!!
Sista mmmm

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Okay family, get ready for some miracle messages. This week was an epic one :)

You know those Sacrament Meetings when you sit down and you're anxious and you've been running around and feeling late and you are singing the hymn and then you put the book down to hear the opening prayer and then something miraculous happens? The Spirit. He pours into your heart. He fills up your soul. You feel calm, warm, focused, reverant, grateful. I had one of those yesterday, but there was OH so much more. Our investigator Mary was sitting beside me, the PMF Canada's walked in, the Elders had four additional investigators beside them, and one of our lesser-active families I've grown so in love with as they have struggled to come to church were FINALLY in the chapel. Sitting there, together, in white, smiling and hopefully feeling that powerful Comforter as I was. And we cried together. Nice, hot tears of joy.

Cramer and I strolled the streets of Wichita in the crisp pre-Autumn air and people running all over their yards outside. We approached every one of them, even if they were tinkering away deep in their garage. And we testified, we invited, we read and felt the Spirit strongly. He is our dear dear companion, and I'm realizing this very moment that His nearness to me is something I've yearned passionately for my whole life, and never quite understood how to obtain His constant presence. I remember hoping I would learn how to be open and worthy for Him before I left on this great mission of mine, and now he directs the majority of my moves. Oh happy day! And because Cramer and I have promised the Lord we would improve by discussing baptism with everyone we meet, he is sent us the elect, helping us to not just PLANT seeds but mainly to HARVEST them! Now I do not mean to boast of myself, no no no no no. I want to help all of you understand how much happier and guided you can be if you promise the Lord you will work harder to do a little better.

Elder Bednar teaches the purpose of the atonement is to ENABLE us. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can repent and be changed. If we are afraid of doing the Lord's work, if we are too busy, if we are ignorant, complacent or overwhelmed, we need to apply the atonement. Even if we are so joyously happy as I've been so blessed to be lately, I get to apply the atonement and get happier as God changes me even more while I'm healthy (physically and spiritually). Repent, apologize, ask how to improve, plead for the eyes to see and the ears to hear, beg for the opportunities and I PROMISE, God will give it thee. And by no means does this need to be said to help you, my dear friends, to become better missionaries. The enabling power of the atonement is for every aspect of your life.

There was one person in particular we met that I'd like to finish up with. We chose her door only out of the long stretch of homes. She answered while holding her small brother. She said she was 15 and a devout Christian at a nearby church. She was bold and matter-of-fact, and passionate about her Savior Jesus Christ. Sister Cramer was inspired to ask her how Christ has helped her in her life. She needed to step out of her home and shut the door for this one, "That's a really good question," she replied. (What the heck, she is only 15 years old!!) She said He helped her abstain from giving in to peer pressure and to feel confident in herself. Wow. As we taught her the Restoration she listened intently and replied after the First Vision, that just makes sense. "SO will you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it?" we asked. YES. She said it with such bold sincerity.

The Lord's work of salvation right now is so stinkin awesome. It's like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland; fast-paced, a bit dark and rickety in places, but you're roaring through the ride at great speeds and dodging boulders of danger and zooming to the finish line with whiplash and glee.


Love ya'll loads.

Sister Murpha-HAAAYYY

PS: My belly is wonderfully full of black-forest ham sandwich, made with sharp cheddar, freshly baked rye bread, spinach and avocado. Just thought I'd let you know. Gourmet missionary lunch, that's what's up.
PPS: PICTURES! The first is the Cramester and I with a dead harvesting field and random wild sunflowers! The second is that one armadillo I once took a picture of. Now it's an armadillo chip.


Hey friends and fam!
I'm doin wonderful, but don't really feel like writing right now, but here is an update:
[ 1 ] 
Sister McClees was ETed (Emergency Transferred) two wards over and I have a new comp, Sister Cramer! Yeah, like THE Cramer!! Haha, all I could think of when I first met her was that tall skinny tan man oiling up on the roof apartments to soak some sun, and somebody imagining him as nicely roasted chicken. Oh Seinfield. She is super quirky and hard working and we are already working much harder than I ever have before. 


[ 2 ] 
Stake Conference was entirely about missionary work!! I learned so much, but the highlights were learning about the ENABLING power of the atonement, "IF you don't feel like praying, let's pray until you want to," and assisting with the hastening brings THE greatest joy man could possibly ever feel. I saw the latter in over ten of the speaker's countenance. They were so joyfull because of missionary work, because it helps them apply the atonement in their life, and your joy is full when you witness a friend come into the fold. It is surreal! This is NOT just because I'm a biased full-time missionary! The hastening is more of a bigger deal than I ever imagined.

[ 3 ] 
Yesterday morning we had many final week goals that were lacking, so we prayed that Heavenly Father would help us to accomplish those numbers, to find those people and help along those people, so that we could hit the high numbers we had set the previous week. Her and I knew God could do all things, and accept God's will regardless of what could happen. God orchestrated Sunday just beautifully. We found the two new investigators we craved for, we contacted a referral and set her on date for baptism, and Mary made it to church with us :) It was absolutely riveting, total miracles and blessings and faith-builders to kick off a new and exciting transfer.

[ 4 ] 
I've identified a physical issue I've obtained. Well, there have been several, allergies (I'm downing Kansan bee pollen) and Menares. Go self-diagnosis!! I don't have much alternative haha. Basically every time I stand up or make any sudden movement I get super lightheaded, and eventually nauseous and I'm just waiting for the day I topple over! A member taught me this trick: I sit completely backwards on a couch, feet touching the wall, back in the seat, head hanging over the couch front side. And then I let my head hang there for a few minutes. It feels awesome!! And THEN I somersault forward off of the couch and then VUALAA! I'm healed! For like five hours! I'm super grateful that God gives us bodies that make sense, and we have SO many resources to help our ailments. Believe it, son. This is real life.
Love ya'lll! Sorry it's kind of a strange email this week.. haha... love you!!!
Sister m