Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's that special time of the week!

Short email today!!

The week was full of endless personal changes and miracles, too much to write.

-Sister Mortensen and I were called upon to give talks in Sacrament yesterday; it was refining. I got to talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon. I ended up taking a turn at the podium, and sharing a personal story I had not anticipated sharing, about the past that helped me testify of the Book now. It is strange how the Lord pushes us to become so raw and vulnerable sometimes, I'm not certain why it is so important yet... maybe someday I'll understand haha.

-It was BITTER cold here! Had a small snow flurry also! We found an additional service opportunity at the humane society, walking dogs and cleaning pens. I got to escort a massive pooch named Champion! I thought maybe walking with him would end up in him charging toward a squirrel while I limply drag behind. Luckily he was well trained and listened to me with eager ears. I'm glad God sent us doggies :)

-Elder Schwitzer of the second Seventy came and spoke to the KWM, we gained some great insight on personal problems. We are very grateful we get to be around such prophetic men!

-Charlie is still progressing toward baptism. Said he chewed his last tin and ain't buyin no more. Smoking just tastes and feels awful now to him, and coffee's been replaced with Dr. Pepper. Good ol' Doc P!!

I'm still happy, still evolving, still climbing this mountain. I hope ya'll have been doing good. I just love hearing from you (and getting pics and videos! haha).


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