Monday, February 10, 2014

Meek & Lowly

AHA moments galore! I need to write a big list of all the mini revelations I received this past week that I really so very much needed. Might I write a spare few?

-I have been looking at the glass half empty for WEEKS and I need to stop.
-"Pride is wanting to BE right. Humility is wanting to do what IS right. Meekness is doing it silently."
-"Only those who are humble are able to acknowledge and understand the Lord's answers to their prayers." (Ulysses Soares of the Seventy)
-There are only two types of negative reactions to hard work: complacent or overwhelmed. I am the latter, and need to rely on the Lord and buck up and ask Him for help, with everything
-I might THINK I am forgiving and not judging others, but more often than not, I'm wrong.

Notice a theme? My goodness people I have a lot of pride. Prophets and apostles are so right in professing against pride. It really is the source of all evil I just can't believe how often I forget!!!

And so as I've attempted to acquire greater Christlike attributes (i.e. meekness, humility, charity) I have found GREATER joy in loving others, thinking of them before I, basking in their stories and honesty. It really only happened when I fervently asked for it. We had two parent-ambush lessons and they were both incredible. The semi-recent converts each invited us into their own homes, and within were waiting their parents, who had no idea that they've been subconsciously searching for truth and not knowing where to find it. The Holy Ghost helped us every step of the way to transition into the first lesson without them realizing it. We even committed both to pray and read the BOM and I just love knowing now that that is crying repentance. It makes me feel like I'm doing my job, slash it feels so rewarding! Plus, that is such a coincidence. I am really excited for these converts to bring their family into the fold!

Sister C helped me heal with this sweet tactic: Make a list of strengths/gifts. Make a list of struggles/goals. Connect the two so that strengths are helping to overcome the goals. Review the blessings that will ensue. Isn't that brilliant??? It helped me so much that we decided to use it for the LA women here, and it seemed to go totally awesome for her! Plus we sing A LOT with LAs, which brings a marvelously overpowering spirit. When we handed Lori the list we wrote with her, she said WAIT a second let me check my work schedule. OH WOW I don't work this Sunday!!! ...which was like the first sunday in FOREVER of inactivity!! Sunday morning we called to make sure she was getting ready for the member to pick her up, and.... she was sick. ...along with all four other progressing LAs we've been working with.

"My son, peace be unto they soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment," is helping to stay happy amid the sad consequences of moral agency. I am grateful that amid strife or happiness, the peace that Christ brought with his atonement can always reside in our hearts.
Thank you all again, so kindly, for your prayers. I feel them, I feel the peace and I know that soon my area will be restored to be the "milk and honey" of Wichita Kansas that everyone professes. Love you all!!!!!

Sister Murphy Senior

PS I challenge you to read up and become more MEEK and lowly of heart! It is the only attribute Christ declared He had, thus it is vital to become like him! Study up because it is a challenging one to understand.

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