Monday, February 3, 2014


Sister C and I received a call Saturday morning from an unknown number in Pennsylvania. I answered and heard a somewhat familiar raspy female voice say "well HELLO Sister Murphy!" Feeling puzzled I was like hiiiiii?? And THEN I heard a raspier male voice mumble something all Irishy and I KNEW it was my two lovely investigators from good 'ol Manhattan and so I then transitioned into freakout-rampage around the apartment mode! (Because we aren't typically allowed to talk to anyone outside our zone..) "YOU are getting baptized today!!" I shouted at them. And they were like, "NOoooooo we just WERE baptized!!!!"
... I was beyond ecstatic, ear to ear I couldn't believe it they are my first investigators to enter the holy waters of baptism and I was so happy. They told me how spiritual it was and how he got to get dunked twice (lucky duck) and how they were really nervous before but they feel so peaceful and they bore testimony and I heard my old comps voice in the background laughing and suddenly she burst "and in a YEAR they plan to go to the temple!! And YOU are coming with!" which was when emotions really came over me.
I have really loved this difficult climb here in Kansas, but at last I have felt the profound love and excitement for those who are ready and steady enough to make covenants with their Heavenly Father. THIS humbling experience is what makes it all so beyond worth it. My mission has entirely new meaning, I am pumped and desirous to "go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to SHAKE the earth, and cry repentance unto every people...that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth" (Alma 29). Repentance has been a greater focus for me, and my companion was so perfect in making clear that it is not exactly reading a scripture of repentance and committing them to repent. All that needs to be done to invoke repentance within an investigator is to commit them to perform ANY of the steps in the gospel. PMG states the mere decision to pray about and/or read the Book of Mormon is changing their behavior; repentant! ...and you as a daily missionary can do the same by simply and inviting others to watch a Mormon Message, to pray a little more or about something specific. It is EASY!
Our area was in a pickle, and had been pickling for some time. This past week our magnificent mission president came to kneel with us four missionaries and our district leader and to plead that our area be designated as holier ground, with hearts softening and missionaries thrusting their sickles with their might. He said it was one of the most spiritual experiences he has had as a president and I can't help but agree. ...the details are too sacred to discuss.

There is incredible work happening here in Kansas! We see it in one of our prime investigators, Carly Hess, and she is 19 and so ready. We taught her lesson one and she is eating up every bit. "Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense!" she is constantly saying. We are relieved to have such a ready investigator. We need your prayers, though! Satan sends his strong winds and we need all of the prayers we can get to help her! And Lou and Sierra and Andy ;)
Thank you so much for your prayers. I've been trying to keep these emails shorter because I don't want to bore you with length and monotony! But I love you all very very much. I hope you are spiritually preparing each day to battle the mighty storm! I can't get out of my head what our WML wife and seminary teacher told us the other day, that Saints need to all realize that they cannot go through these final days on the fence. Joseph Smith himself said that membership (and this last-days war) makes or breaks a fence-sitter. It requires consistent daily preparation and absorption of God's word to survive. So study up my friends, it will armor you up with truth and righteousness! Try to feel like a warrior, like ME! I feel so soldiery it is awesome :)

Sister Murphy Senior

PS: I just heard that my MTC third companion Sister McBride has gone home early. From the very beginning she struggled to fight the adversary and his cunning ways and seeping smoke so as to NOT go home. Please please please pray for her and her family, for comfort. And please please please prepare, every day, every morning and night, for YOU. Please.

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