Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Birthday Guuurrrllll full of REAL Joy!

Domo ardigato, mis amigos y familia!! Bi-lingual I am today. Bahaha!
Seriously though, thank you thank you thank you so so very much for the birthday wishes :) I received so much AND MORE for my birthday, physically and spiritually. Don't know what I'd do without all ya'll, you are what make my life worth living!... among just a few other things, like being a missionry... haha

Yesterday was UNREAL. STILL can't believe it wasn't a dream. I mean I'm certain finding the perfect red shoes was just a dream from last night, as was preaching on a box in the streets of Wales, but my Sabbath Day experience was NOT a dream. And here I will tell you why it was so surreal:
  • Ward Council was on time, everyone attendant and there was so much laughing and endless great suggestions to unify the ward and save some souls while also running in potato sacks
  • Ward Mission Leader was all ears, supportive and excited to help plan Laura's baptism
  • The Fields setup a new ramp and wheelchair lift for Laura's hoverround, and the adorable little lady was 10 days smoke free and waiting with a big grin on her face and nicely curled hair. She had called us the morning of just to make sure that WE were on our way, becuase she was too excited for church.
  • Member after member came up and said hi. Laura was lovin it, lovin the new fam she gets.
  • Sacrament starts and IN walks three other investigators for our Elders. WHAAAAAA this never happens!
  • Sister B and I felt impressed to bare testimony, and wow the Spirit had some important things to say to that congregation. I don't mean to boast, I just love the rare moments when I'm clean enough to be a pure vessel for the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father is helping me so much right now, it's unreal.
  • Sister Ozbun bore tear-filled testimony of the service missionaries offered in her fallen-apart home. She was once unwilling to help with this work of salvation, but has re-understood the love required and the importance of moving from Marthania to Marydom.
  • LAURA WILL BE BAPTIZED JULY 19th! Oh man, we have waited months for this. She was just beaming, she loved it so so much. 
I'm sorry if that all bore you to death, but these are the things that are joyful in my life. I sat there in my chair near the back just, just blown away. All of these little moments unfolded and I heard the confirmation in my head, "THIS is joy. THIS is happiness. Not the good food you get to eat or the fun games you got to play, or even the awesome workouts you have. Your family, and missionary work. They are your joys, priceless and needed and freely given."
I know that there is no greater happiness than being with your family forever, and helping others to do so. The work of Salvation was intended to hasten in these final days because God knew Satan would be working his hardest and would be overcoming his falling world. God has given us these oppportunites to serve and love our fellow men by bringing their souls to Christ because it is literally the GREATEST joy one could ever experience EVER. Marriage and family equal it because it is eternal salvation. It is all the same, it is salvation. And holy Moses do we need it. We need this joy so much in our lives.
So much more happened this week, but I feel I've written a whole novel and must continue to el Fin. You all are so fantastic. Truly. I've walked in a lot of shady places in life, and at last have a marvelous circle of hardworking friends. I love you I love you. THank you for the mini-updates from many of you, they mean oh so much to me. I hope and pray you all have a wonderful week and find the opportunites to be a better missionary, for the joy is exceedingly great.
Sister M&M

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