Monday, July 7, 2014

Short & Sweet‏

Hey all!! Got a lot to do today so I don't have as much time, but I'm feeling so super great! Had a weird, dumb week haha, but I learned a WHOLE BUNCH. Poor Laura couldn't make it to church yesterday because of major painful back spasms. She was wincing in pain constantly as we spoke to her and it just broke my heart to see her that way. Seriously, I was physically hurting just watching it. I cried! I think at last, the amazing lesson I'm relearning, is that LOVE is what missionary work is. It's allllllll about love!!! Whether you be a missionary because you love the message you share or you love the person you meet or you love the God you serve, it is all about love. We meet with Laura and every step she takes, backwards or forwards, I so feel what she is going through and love her so much and feel so much worry and concern and hope and joy. Laura has been overcoming her addiction wonderfully and is still on track for baptism. We had a member come and give her a blessing and he said the coolest things about a smoke-free strategy. It was BRILLIANT!! I'm so grateful for noble priesthood holders and the Holy Ghost. It is so amazing how much we learn from her that goes unspoken.

I'm all over the place! But I'm in such a good mood I can't even concentrate haha... But I love you all!!! Hope your week has been peaceful, no matter what has occured. Feel the peace the gospel brings, let it pour into your soul, drink it up!!!

I think the greatest message I learned this past week that I really want to share real quicksies is that we need the temple. We NEED the temple. It is the BEST form of missionary work, it is the best way to learn about life and God, and it is the best way to become like our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we do the work for those beyond the veil the work will continuously hasten and influence our work on Earth. Think about that for a long second, it's amazing. Just as our number one latter day prophet, Joseph Smith, fought and sacrificed for, and said, "We need the temple more than anything else."
Have such a super awesome week guys, seriously!!! Go to the temple weekly! LOVE YA!!
Sister Murphy
PS: this is me, watching a spider for over twenty minutes as it devoured a freshly caught fly. #LunchTime #RealLifeStuff #GodLovesHisLittleCreatures

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