Monday, August 11, 2014

The Lone Sister Murphy...(Last the best of all the game?!?)

OKAY FRIENDS!! Here comes de update!!

1. My sister is coming home to SLC TONIGHT!!! What? Yeah I too am flabbergasted.

2. Okay, so the bad news first: We had a recent convert tell us she no longer believed in our church and couldn't get over some anti-mormon issues with it all and wouldn't really give us the time to answer her questions and was struggling with pride and physical problems and just a whole bunch of stuff and it was super traumatizing. We had been working very closely with her and I have grown to love her immensely. She even said she didn't exactly want us to come by anymore. We left on okay terms, we made sure to be lovingly bold in case it was our last chance to be strait up with her (in tears). Satan is real people, just in case you forgot!

3. Our WML had double-bipass open-heart surgery and made it ALIVE! Sister McClees came up with this great idea for a card to give him so that his heart can giggle a bit after going under the knife. It turned out awesome because everyone got involved, nonmembers and members alike :) ...that's MY kind of service!

4. On a lighter, more ridiculous note, we doorbell ditched the Elders on our way to an appointment and as we started to drive away they limped down their staircase calling after us, and the one Elder with the sprained ankle also cut his finger open on the door as he chased us, and the other was skipping on one foot also because of the toe surgery he had that morning. You should have seen the sight! What goons hahaa. Needless to say, it's been a bloody week.

5. The comp and I were teaching our new investigator, who was smokin dope and checkin his phone, but totally involved in the lesson if you can believe it. Then, mid-restoration lesson, he stood up from his porch stairs and said, "'scuse me," then stepped to the side of his home and disappeared in his alley-way. S. McClees with eyes open wide mouthed to me "DRUG DEAL." Silent laughing ensued.

6. ...Now that I've left you hanging for a week on this re-organized Church of Jesus Christ people, I'm ready to inform you of what happened. Basically we went on a Wednesday and they treated us like royalty. It was totally whack. They were very kind and sincere and had some really cool aspects to their church and routine. They were missing so much pure and beautiful doctrine, though, despite having the Book of Mormon and D&C as a regular part of their sermons. It was strange. BUT John asked us for our thoughts on Faith so that he could share them in his talk he was going to give in their Sunday Sanctuary meeting. Below is the picture of our notes we wrote and felt according to the Spirit!

So, I love you all! Running outta time, gotta go! But I love you!!!! FAITH IS AMAZING! It is so complicated, yet so simple, and it is vital. Have a wonderrrrrrful week! :)

The Lone Sister Murphy (eternal frowns follow)

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