Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Short & Sweet!

No time, short update!!

-Held hands in a circle and prayed with a meth-head in the middle of the road.
-Passed by a syringe on the roadside trying to contact a potential ...yikes!
-Discovered a squirrel chip (roadkill to the extreme)
-Found 6 NI and have two amazing ladies on date to be baptized ASAP!
-Having a blast with my comp, she's basically hilarious and fantastic, and we sing with the uke together
-Changing a lot.... like so much. One of our APs called us sunday morning and basically gave us a personal training via-phone and i will forever be different. it meant so much, i've been rebuked by the Spirit, i have to change so much and be so much better as a missionary, and I can't wait :)
-Love you all and wish i could say more, you all deeeee best!!!

-The lone sista murph


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