Monday, February 23, 2015

Mid January!

Before the sacrament was blessed I knew distinctly from the Spirit that I needed to bear my testimony. My heart began to beat, like a drum, out of my chest. This was the first time that has ever happened. Like ba boom boom boom, in my chest! I began to tremble exceedingly as I stood at the podium. My eyes, naturally welled up (as usual, haha) as I bore testimony of being a vessel in the hands of the Lord. I testified of the profound connection that can be gained with the Holy Ghost to do the Lords work. It brings such great joy!! When I sat down my body shook with a loud shiver. I looked up the feelings I was having in the Bible and my attention drew to the book of Daniel. I felt the way he did when he was visited by and communicated with angels. Holy cow!

I've got a new companion! YAY! Why does the Lord always send me such incredible Sisters??! So freakin blessed haha. Sister Heger is from St.George UT and is basically a pro volleyball player. She was my STL in Topeka/Lawrence, and it is super strange to be companions now as STLs... but I'm very very grateful I get to learn from her many months of experience! She goes home in February, which means I'm 99% sure to stay in Bel Aire for the remainder of my mission! WOOHOO!! I love it here so dang bad. The members are just on fire wanting to help us with missionary work and fellow-shipping all that come into the fold!

Yesterday was pivotal. We were like, "OKAY it's crunch time!" because our rate of helping souls was low. We made plans to go out with Sister Stopczynski after we had dinner in her family's home. We wanted to contact potential investigators that past missionaries had recorded in our area book. The FIRST door we knocked on opened wide to a spunky black chick with the coolest fro! She is thirteen and super vibrant. She let us right in! She knew who we were, missionaries had visited often with her sister. Her sister has since moved and now Kimmah was like heck yeah come in and talk with me!

After a long and fun conversation about God, religion, school, the dark times, family, (Sister Stopczynski talking like a natural-born missionary, blowing us all away with her constant testimony) Kimmah came out randomly and said that she has really been wanting to find the truth lately. Jaw drop.

Second door, Rita, earthy mother of twin daughters and a little man, met with missionaries six months ago, asked her, "despite not really believing in God, are you seeking for the truth?" YES she said without hesitation. Jaw drop AGAIN.

The jaw droppin just ain't stoppin!!! I don't know if it is Bel Aire or Kansas or the whole stinkin world, it is BRIMMING with low-hanging fruit! If all yall are shying away from missionary work you are just insane!! haha, people are being prepared left and right and there are NO coincidences! I have felt very strongly lately that every single person you see and pass by each day has been placed there, by God, and they are waiting to be told about the truth we hold dear. SO much joy awaits us! haha

Have I become "preachy" yet on my emails? Hahaha, i am just waiting for that day when everyone is like, okay, you just teach us the gospel like the whole time, so boring!! Lemme know?

I LOVE THIS. I love my mission, I love my companions, i love serving the sisters, i love being with members all of the time, I love Jesus and I love His pure and perfect gospel. I love repenting and praying and changing and growing. Life is the BEST!!

Love yall immensely :) 
Sister Murph dawg

Picture at Title boxing, just in our wraps. Brother Howard is SO TALL! We shall miss you Hermana Wheadon!

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