Monday, February 23, 2015

The Colsesters :)

Colsen said that ever since we've come and brought the Spirit into their lives they have been so much happier. He's felt compelled to be a better person again, to right wrongs, apologize, forgive. He sticks up for Mormons at work. He put in a request at work to have Sunday off. When he told his boss why, his boss laughed in his face! Colsen says if it would have been anyone else at their door, he would have showed them away right off the bat. He says he only feels the Spirit when we come, and he is so grateful to see the changes in his lovely fiance too. She gleams a smitten grin at him each time he talks about her gentle changes. He says they love us quite a lot.

Colsen said he didn't want to pray about the prophet Joseph Smith and about the church yet. He says 'so much going on in his head, an inner turmoil that wakes up whenever we visit, and because of it he "probably" won't convert to Mormon. But then he said, that Rita will take the lead and get baptized, and soon after he'll see the light and follow.

And he was just SO SINCERE and so sweet and thoughtful and hopeful. We know that deep down in his heart he knows, he knows the truth and it is already setting him free. The key is just helping him line upon line to admit it to himself as the Spirit reminds him everyday :) He was left to read 2 Nephi 4, the Spirit confirmed it for him and we just hoped and prayed that he'll see and remember that the Savior is so at the core of this all!

We are meant to have JOY in the journey. Did you know that?? I haven't! haha.. I've breached a painful level of understanding in which I've been desirous to eliminate personal joy at the expense (I am willing to pay) to further help and sacrifice for other people. Does that make ANY sense to you? Wow how veered off I can get, so apart from the Spirit yet so close to Him too... and then God in His infinite love has been sure to remind EVERYDAY anyways, despite my ignorance and stubborn pride, he has confirmed to me everyday from some new source, be it the scriptures or an angel or simply the Spirit and they tell me "We are meant to have JOY in the journey."

Oh JOY oh JOY!! :) So, this is me, trying and loving and appreciating the joy and happiness and bliss that Heavenly Father always works to grant us if we accept. Joy with gratitude and optimism and hope in the atonement and hope that it will change others as it changes ourselves... And then our love and charity inside just blooms and exudes and then we become one and we unite, all one body we, onward Christian soldiers :)

Hahahaha, I love you all! Missions are hard, but so amazing, so so SO amazing!! There are fruit just waitin for the pickins! Don't let em just fall of the tree and rot now, ya hear?

I love you i love you, thanks for your million prayers and million thoughts :) I think about you too!

Sister Murphalurph turph.

PS: The key is training yourself to listen and hear and respond to the Spirit. PRAY, my friends. Pray a lot, without ceasing.

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