Monday, January 27, 2014


My dear, dear friends and family,
It was yet another week of so much learning, so much adapting and growing and breaking and building that it is difficult to come up with a singular topic to discuss! I feel like my brain is being squeezed haha, I can't even think strait long enough to summarize how I've changed for good this month! But here goes, because it's important and I desperately want to share it.
Our zone leaders in their crazy goofiness challenged us to look up "mantle" in the BOM Index to learn what our setting apart really is from everyday member missionaries. I would tell you to look it up and then mysteriously back off as to create a suspenseful mood for an ultimate mind-blowing discovery!! But alas, I want to go on and on about it, for it is key. The definition is below:
Mantle: see charity
FWUUUAAAAAAHHH??? Charity? I say! Is that legitimately a higher gift to be a more successful and devoted full-time missionary?? When I first started training in the MTC I quickly noticed a difference in the way I viewed all others. I felt in a way as if it was rose-colored glasses, but it is quite the opposite. Charity isn't viewing people in their best and being optimistic of their choice characteristics. It is feeling the burning brightness of profound love from the Savior for that person's real weaknesses and trials. It is compassion and inexplicable admiration.
Honestly I often find much difficulty in loving people who are bitter or lax about others and the gospel, but knowing this love was mantled upon me I've searched for revelation to know exactly how to go about teaching a broken area and I testify Heavenly Father has guided me unlike I have ever been inspired to love and serve before. My companion and I were so divinely sent to help each other through this and to devote our prayers to working this area. This past week I have seen so many heal and progress and I feel elated. This, this love thing, oh man, it is so totally cool!!!
The new exciting is the discovery of this little field near Walmart is a SEA OF PRAIRIE DOGS. I've never truly noticed one before but they are not tooo hard to miss because, well, they just stand there!! They just stand at look at you!! Haha, it's such a foreign country here.

I love you all lots. Donate blood! I did it last week and it was awesome!! When they ask you whether you have had black tea recently be like, nope because it is against my religion because I'm Mormon! Huh?? They will ask as they stab your finger for testing. And you say, dizzily, because we know that the Savior's gospel has been restored through a modern day prophet, and he has given us amazing guidelines for a happier, more free life!
Just don't pass out from blood-loss, okay? It's bad news bears. ;) Have a WONDERFUL week ERREBODY!!

Sister Murphy Senior

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