Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miracles & Meltingness

Oh boy! This week was full of heat waves, electrolytes, giggles, moving trucks, service pants, fliers, and baptismal invites!! The humid humid sunshine kept a nice constant drippy sweat down our backs as we proselyted, and the blast of ice in each home kept it nice and whiplashy to experience ten times daily, haha.
On Tuesday we had probs the best training EVER. Okay maybe I always feel that way with every training. I can't help it if I just happen to have the coolest, most divinely led leaders in mission history, AND work in the greatest mission in the world. We answer every phone call, "It's a great day to be a missionary! This is <insert name>!!!" Because seriously guys, it really is. But anyways, back to the training! We have had months of applying Faith Requires Action, and now we've transitioned it to Faith With Action Plus Sacrifice Equals POWER. ....wohzies!!!! And so we sacrifice our inhibitions and fears and approach every single person we meet to powerfully announce our purpose and within three minutes invite them to be baptized. That's for EVERY person we meet and have a sec to chat with!!
Talk about HASTENIN IT, YO!!!
So basically we are pretty pumped to be missionaries in such an epic time. Sister McClees and I were handed an amazing referral for a middle-aged woman who is so prepared, and is preppin for baptism. She has been trying to cut all ties off with her evil ex-boyfriend that abused her. She works third hour shifts (SO common here) and sleeps all day, making it difficult to meet and stop the abuse. She had a FORTY FOOT trailer of stuff in his possession that needed to be moved to a storage space, and he'd been threatening to dump it all out for weeks. So Saturday we finally gathered some Saints and packed that thing in two garages. WOW it was a project in searing heat. We were all unfortunately malnourished and dehydrated, it was a 7am-3pm project. That's a whole work shift!!
The miracle of it all though, besides the weird stamina S. McClees and I had despite not eating nor drinking anything but half a donut all day, was that we had some extra Elders come to the rescue. K, but they weren't just your average Elders. They were Chocolate Lamanites. ...that's what the K-dub calls them anyways hahaha. They were superman polys. And they wouldn't have normally been available, but their own companions happened to get sick and the other had been stitched up after a face peel, so they had a truck and were ready help. It could NOT have happened if Elder Ives had not smashed Elder Dansey in the face Friday night. "Miracles happen once in awhile!!!" ...you know that Princess Diaries song moment? hahaha
Basically I'm happy as a clam and loving God's arm extended in my life. I read a pretty cool scripture the other day. Mormon is talking about how boss their scriptural writings are, and they write them because they need to share the gospel with everyone. He says, "And behold, these things which we have desired concerning our brethren, yea, even their restoration to the knowledge of Christ, are according to the PRAYERS of ALL THE SAINTS who have dwelt in the land. And may the Lord Jesus Christ grant that their prayers may be answered ACCORDING to their FAITH; and may God the Father...bless them forever, through faith on the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!" So that's just the end, but I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire chapter. In a nut shell, we, as God's gathered sheep magnificently blessed with knowledge of His gospel, must pray with Faith in Christ, meaning we ACT and sacrifice, and power is produced as we testify of the truth. The Spirit just can't help but be exploding in the hearts of those we speak too when we've got the power of Christ on our side. So pray and act and sacrifice on, my friends!
I love bein a missionary. I'm so happy! It's always weird giving just one or two experiences to sum an entire week of awesome. I hope all of you have been equally blessed, noticing the orchestrations of God to assist you in your life. If not, then repent and do better! Apply the atonement! ACT on that faith with your prayers. I promise miracles will happen :)
With so much joy, peace and love,
Sista Mads Pants

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