Monday, October 27, 2014


Fifty, crisp jeans and fancy cowboy boots, one-cigarette-two-three-chain-after-another, spit, fourth generation Kansan native, recently divorced leaving his family inheritance of a major antique plantation to her vanity, and a brain-vault of every religion's faults UNTIL HE MET SISTERS.

We are the second batch of Sisters to knock on his door and with his kindness he always listened and talked an awful lot, like talks our ears out. But it is always deep doctrine, the same, our doctrine, but his own theories and mullings as he has studied the Word. The last time he walked into a church was eight years ago to bid his passed father farewell. Yesterday morning unexpectedly he calls in confusion to the area being much more suburbized than he last remembered of it's fields of green, needing direction to the church.

Heart attack.

He was an hour early! Thank heaven we felt the need to go there much earlier than usual... and standing in the empty chapel made him so uncomfortable, so we walked. We rounded the parking lot seven times I counted. And we talked, and relaxed, prepared, became reverent.

Jesus Christ sacrificed his entire glorious life. He gave it all away. He put aside his family and his friends and food and hobbies and "work" and vacations. He fasted and he prayed, he taught and he healed, then he sacrificed himself. There was no payment made, why do people say that? He didn't PAY for anything I've finally realized, he went through it to change HIMSELF as a mediator. then we can see what he did and feel deep in our heart in our intelligence love and desire to change. He did it so that you and I can change. Charlie changed yesterday. He gave up his fear and his worry and pride, intimidation, trust issues, smoking, chewing, wasting away. He gave it up to know Christ more profoundly and I'm crying. I'm crying right now because he is changing.

Sorry guys, I'm a bit more deep today.... drawing nearer to Christ does that huh? haha

oh boy I'm going to be so weird when I get home hahaha. And I'm gonna STAY weird because Bednar told me to! I hope you all really prepare haha, I'm not going to be the same person and of course I'll play and laugh and be myself but I will NEVER stop this routine. I just can't. There is too much to do, so little time!

I love you, thanks for all that give updates it's incredible!!! Does anybody want some clothes?? and chocolate? haha, I'm giving them up. They are so dumb!


Sister Murphy

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