Thursday, October 9, 2014

Left Side


"Hey ladies, I'm feelin sick again today, don't worry about coming to meet me let's reschedule."

We were driving when Ada texted us, and our hearts sunk, again. There's always the mental note, "let it go, this happens every day, just keep going." Seriously though, it is tough to receive rejections over and over again. But I took a deep breath and felt the impression we need to be bold this time. "Ada, we promise that if you let us in regardless today, you will feel better and our visit will go well." "Okay," she responded. Cramer and I cheered!!! Once we arrived and knocked they yelled for us to come in. Inside the cool, plant filled front room there was Ada, sitting in the recliner, looking feeble and battered. After a life of heavy drug addictions and then some, Ada at only 43 years old looked no younger than 70. As she has withdrawn her body has been destabilizing, not knowing how to function without the use of heavy drugs.

"I don't feel good at all today," her smoker voice muttered. We smiled and told her we were really grateful she let us in. She admitted a powerful Spirit came in with us (just as we had prayed for) and she begun feeling more at peace. We small talked, then reached to grab our scriptures when Ada suddenly said, "I can't feel the left side of my entire body. Deb, help me!!" The left side of her mouth was indeed lazy, and her head had sort of sunk back into the chair. Her roommate Deb in her old age was little to no help, and panic started surging through my veins. "I can't... breathe... Deb... help me.." I shouted for Deb to call 9-1-1 and Cramer and I knelt at Ada's feet to hold her hands, "Don' dare.... let.. go of hands," she said, tears streaming down her lifeless face. Deb was making no progress with the medics, not understanding what was happening to Ada, so I grabbed the phone from her and kept them updated on the progress (yes, I get a bit too controlling sometimes haha). Then Cramer started praying. We prayed and told Ada that even if God's choice was to take her home that it was all going to be alright, she had repented and changed her life for the better, He was going to take care of her no matter what. She cried. Within minutes the medics appeared. "It's a codeRED," said one of them. As we clenched her clammy hands, Ada was having a major stroke.

We'd stay, but we really mus-dache!!! 
Just me, Sister Roquemore and Mama Bell, the President's wife!! keepin it real.

The rest of the evening was crazy, but Sister Cramer and I couldn't get over the peace that came from knowing it was God's will that His messengers be there for Ada in a trying moment. Another moment followed the next evening when a LA woman called us urgently to help find priesthood holders to bless her broken son. And then we were in homes for conference that needed our Spirit, needed the Lord's assurance that He loves them.

Two things I learned more profoundly: We NEED to pray for the help of the Spirit, and he will guide us. This is so hard to learn, it can only come line upon line as we diligently seek for His assistance and comfort. The Second is that we need to tell everyone, including ourselves (in the mirror even, like I do!) that their Father in heaven LOVES them. "You are HIS daughter, a queen, deeply loved and appreciated by Him, your Creator." I have Eyering's words from yesterday dancing in my thoughts, that I (and you) can never comprehend how much and how deeply Heavenly Father loves me (and you!).

Hope all has been well, hope you've filled your spiritual cup from Conference, hope you are applying it into your life and setting new goals!! I love you all so dearly. Time is flying. I am soaring :) I love you love you love you!!

Happy Octoberyness!! Best, Sista Murphateer

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