Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Apple Sauce

Okay guys, hi, so I'm sitting here thinking, "okayy Heavenly Father, what am I supposed to write home today? ..hmmm?" and then I thought, "if only you could know the stati (statuses) of your family and friends...for if you knew, then you could estimate at what capacity you could share the week's events, and more importantly, the week's learnings."

It's crazy how fast our mind thinks. Like right now, just as I'm typing you, I'm thinking of like three different things to add after it and woh this is weird and now I'll just finally cut the chase.

Could you all PLEASE please please email me back this week and share the following?:
1. Do you feel promptings from the Holy Ghost? How often?
2. What do those promptings typically feel like?
3. How do you KNOW they are promptings from the Lord, and not from the adversary?
4. How often do you act on them?
5. How often do you look back to see the blessings and goodness verses nothingness that occurs?
6. What miracles have you seen, and how has your testimony grown?
7. How is following promptings of the Spirit helping you with your relationship with Christ and his vision for you and your life (earthly and post-mortum)?

Okay, cool, so once I learn those things, I can share even MORE probably. Well, at least I will be able to understand where you all are at, because it really matters to me. Like a lot :) #WeBeAgents

Hahaha, alright, so now for some temporal world goodstuff!! Christmas was absolutely riveting!! We had a very spiritual experience with many sister missionaries in our zone. Sister Smith (whom we live with) helped us make a large breakfast (similar to the one my grandparents and parents make. YES!), and then we had a renovated nativity scene, focusing primarily on any sort of woman that might have been present at Christ's birth. It was incredible!

THEN we emailed our families (SUPER YES)!! I missed my cousins, but WOW it was amazing to be with you six (and the g-ma-pa). Bear turning 18, blossoming like a large lily. Chlo-bot in such an adorable relationship, painting money-makers. Meken Ben staying busy, loving the dating scene, and pinpointing academia. Parentals, wow, always inspired, creating a most beautiful home and involved in courageous, seriously cool work. MEGA YESSS!

Highlights for the week:
-Kayleigh Wright was baptized! She is nine, but super elect. Her non-member family have also been working toward baptism, we felt prompted to help her be baptized super last minute because, just as her confirmation blessing said, she is to be a shining light on the path to righteousness for her family.
-Caroling Christmas night!! Also, there were some adjustments to the zone's leadership, and some past friends have come in to help us serve. WOW I am excited, and loved caroling with like thirty elders and just us sisters. One sweet family cried a whole bunch, from Mexico, and said they'd never received such a gift. Sometimes I wish Americans were as pleased by simple acts as many other cultures are...haha
-Lavonne screamed for at LEAST a few long seconds when she found out she has a ride to the Salt Lake Temple in April. She will be quitting smoking asap (she is a lesser-active member we get to work with :D)
-Sawyer is still opening up emotionally, removing the mechanic mindset, and considering going to school in Utah as he continues preparing for batpism. Don't know why he would give up admission to Harvard to attend the University of Utah, but I'm certain there's no better place! (i may be JUST a tad biased... haaha)
-Hermana Wheadon and I are the happiest clams on the sea. I have never experienced this level of efficient work and open communication with a companion before. It is blissful and hard working on a totally new, and refining level that i just LOVE.

I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas! I really do hope to hear from you and your comments on feeling the Holy Ghost. I love you I love you I LOVE YOU! (elf style)

Sister Murphalurph

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