Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Damos damos damos!‏

Hola amigos, hows it going?? Just a painfully rigid morning in Wichitarr today! Got up, threw a few punches and crunchitized my tummy fat, turned up the Boye and threw on a large sweater, and shouted IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

Hahaha, that last part may have been a lie, but wow I really wish I WOULD have shouted that. Doin it doin it everyday now, starting NOW!

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAS!! I'm just really enjoying the holiday cheer :) Did I ever tell you of that one doorstep approach to this one cute brunette girl and not only did she listen to the whole first lesson in the doorway but she also gave us each a fresh hot coacoa? See now THAT is a Christmas spirit :) I want to be like that, and like "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" "What's a Christmas gram, I want one!!!" to everyone we meet!

Last night we had soup at the Bishops house, and he picked up one of our new investigators Sushrutha (sushi for short) from India. Well NO, he didn't like fly out to India to pick him up, you silly! He is just at WSU here and wanted to learn more about our doctrine! He says ever since some particularly traumatizing and interesting home life stories he converted from Islam to believing in Christ. Since then he has researched and attended dozens of churches to learn which was right. We got so excited, last night Bishop testified that he doesn't really need to look further, because he found it. He found the priesthood. It reminds me of something Elder Covey said some years back, "Anyone who is keeping the commandments, regardless of what denomination or belief system they are one, will eventually be led to the covenant gospel." And we get to be the lucky missionaries to help him at his monumental turning point :)

Sue was baptized on Saturday!! She has had it so rough the past couple of weeks, it was such a gift to see her eyes wet with tears from the powerful bright Holy Ghost that entered her heart this weekend. She's all a-glow now, truly on fire!! Also, a particular fam we were led to and have been working with includes four gorgeous girls ranging from 9-16. All of them are desperate to be baptized. In fact, just as we were explaining the Priesthood they said of their own accord, "so when can WE get baptized??" despite having been baptized into another church, they just KNEW this is all true and right and they must be a part of it! Sorry I have so many run-on sentences today... hahaha. The family is just a goldmine of referrals, a boyfriend and soon their have accepted a baptismal date also. The other family we have been working with is finally being passed to the right church ward today, and we are happy they too are greatly anticipating baptism on the 24th this month.

Basically Bel Aire ward is on fire. Our zone sisters also are on fire, the zone training was exceptionally revelatory, and the work is hastening!!

I've got the Pine Minister brightly beaming now, and like an Airwick plugin he shoots clouds of wintergreen smell near our noses during our morning studies. I'm grateful my mother (and father, and Heavenly Father), have taught me to thoroughly enjoy the little things :) The holidays are just chock-full of small happy notes!!

I hope, of course, that you are all merrily dashing through the season, and giving at every opportunity!! These miracles I KNOW are because of the Savior, and wow what a great month of constant giving and giving back.

Love you all dearly!!

Hermana Murphatron

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