Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Christmas, Harry!

[PREFACE: I was punching this morning, feeling hard core, refining the posture and the punch throws and the step-one-twos, and as I was dancing up and down to "stay alive" my mind unexpectedly paused peacefully, and I tuned in to comprehend. There it was, right inside me, leaping in my heart, it was the Spirit. The world was violent and rambunctious around me, a cacophony of dubstep and yet glowing within was the Holy Ghost.]
The door stretched open and we scrambled inward, toward the sisters sitting attentively as Sawyer spoke. The WSU Engineer Hall was spacious and filled with numberless tables and chairs, his refined English echoing around. We apologized, sat, and I focused on the table's smooth surface and breathed, in, out, in and out, calming my rapid pulse, meditating in preparation for a most meaningful meeting.

He was weary and worn from a 12 hour day of college and work, his eyes flittering exhaustedly. He apologized, and we small talked. Soon we asked, "so why? what changed from yesterday to today? what happened?" He proceeded to explain he had slept a mere 4 hours within the past 48 hours, studying desperately to know if this church is true. His passion was eminent, as was his disappointment. "Do you honestly believe that John Taylor was a prophet? How could you possibly support such a man full of himself?" Sawyer was attacking us. After enduring a dark and harrowing rant we finally interrupted, "We have just one important point to bring to you in answer to your questions and accusations. In all that you have studied and searched of the Book of Mormon and prophetic books have you yet sought for the testament of Christ within their pages?"

He stopped. He pondered. He set his hand on the book of Mormon as it sat on the table, pensive. Minutes of silence passed by, and he uttered, passionately, "No. You have pointed out my flaw, you have called me out perfectly. Let us put everything that has happened in the past until now aside. I will start as if it were the first time we ever met and I will listen to exactly what YOU want to teach. Teach me more. I will be baptized in January, and I will do whatever you ask of me. We will try this now, a new, and better way."

My heart leaped, and the Spirit swarmed surrounding.

Later that week after a couple more visits he later texted to Sister Wheadon and I, "Thank you for your lessons...I feel the Spirit speaking thru u...I have no words to describe your love. It's so genuine and it overwhelmingly fills my soul."

Keep in mind, my dear friends, that the things I share now with you are very sacred, very precious to me. Normally these are the experiences I refrain from sharing with you all in a letter such as this, and I do not seek for my own approval and accolades. However, I feel a push and a need to share these things with you, I feel the Spirit now as I type, an assurance that one of you out there, just maybe one of you reading, this message is for YOU.

Please do not spoil nor trod on the things I have shared. Sawyer has an eloquent mind and a tender heart, he is truly broken and contrite thanks to the rebuke and comfort of the Spirit of the Lord, our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. This is so real, so inexplicably real. Becoming a vessel in His hands has been.... words cannot describe..

Christmas is coming. The light of the Savior is filling every doorway stand and glowing grass figurines. The baby Jesus is everywhere, an God-inspired action to the world to remind us constantly that He Is The Gift. And this gospel, the glorious truth that sets us free, it too is The Gift. Discover it. Embrace it. Share it. That you might do this is my cry and plea to the Father, sincerely, for the joy it gives me, that it fills in every fiber of my and my companion's beings as we anxiously engage in His Hastening work, is the greatest gift of all.

I love you all, wow I love you. I am sorry I have no time to send or write much to you.... but please know, that Christ loves you. He loves you so much. He is mindful of everything you do, and desires your salvation as he beckons you to follow Him.

This is my testimony and desire, knowing completely that Christ is our Savior.

I love you I love you, Happy Christmas :)

Sister Murphy
Alma 36:3 (texted to us from Sawyer)

SNAPAROO: Hermana Wheadon, Sister Haren, Sister Barlocker, Sister Murphatron, ugly sweater zone specialized training party and recording a beautiful song (I played piano... obriously..)

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