Monday, September 29, 2014


This is a short one my friends and I considered taking a break this week but I must leave you all with one particular experience that really was quite awesome.

The Lord truly orchestrates our path so that we can meet those who truly need Light in their lives. President Monson is all about "being on the Lord's errand," because it brings THE greatest joy. We walked up to our dinner appointment with Chi Chi and at the door her son cancelled because her lady time hit this week and she had hit the bed to snooze. So we walked, hungrily out to the street determinedly to finally contact that one person we really needed to see. We cross the street and approach the roaring train on it's tracks, waiting for all 126 cars to pass. And then run past the stinky stinky house with poop and hobo smell in the yard, slow down look up and get nervous because there was a woman walking toward us. For some reason it doesn't ever get easy to approach people on the street, but you do it. You just do it because the Lord called you to. "Hey are you doing okay?" We randomly asked (later to discover it was the Holy Ghost!). She wasn't. She was mad about all her life's drama and overwhelmed by her addictions and just wanting a sign from God that she was still loved.

She got emotional and smiled as we answered her questions and assured her we were the Lord's messengers, here to tell her that He loves her, so immensely and unconditionally. We were here to show her the way to pure peace and joy on a regular basis, through the Resotored Gospel and a living Prophet of God. She took the book excitedly.

The next day she texted us no, no don't come, she can't.

These moments are so important for us to have. So often they don't endure, but it comes with a lifelong emotion of accomplishment. For one moment you were living righteously enough and had committed to the Lord that you would ask EVERY person you meet to be baptized, and so he gave you someone broken enough to listen for just a fleeting moment. Just enough to maybe impact her life forever, even if we don't get to see it.

Keep up the prayers for people like Brandy! They need us.

Love you all loads, I'm still so very very happy to be out here and I love you all so very much. I'm so proud of my dear family at home. MAN they are awesome!!!
Sister Murphy

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