Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptism by Fire‏

Gooooood morning mis amigos!!!!

WOW I'm just happy as a clam today :) Things are just really looking up!!! The past week was miraculous, the Holy Ghost is answering so many of my questions and concerns, the Lord is carrying me when I'm so weak, and my companion is serving me like crazy!

Last week I had perhaps the last of many, many priesthood blessings on my mission. Brother Irven Yeager lives with his family on a large cow feedlot, which happened to be directly on our way to a small town to work in. We called and asked if we could stop by, we were both feeling quite pressed to receive a blessing. Sister Craig says he was the best bishop she has ever had, and it showed, for he was pure, gentle, and consecrated vessel for the Lord to speak to us. God said I need to continue thrusting my sickle with all my might and do what I've been called to here in the Scott ward. I need to keep studying the scriptures and pray for everything, even the littlest thoughts and feelings. He blessed the area that we will be welcomed into homes. He reminded me that the Lord loves and knows me and I need to BE HAPPY!

It was a marvelous, tear-filled blessing. Sister Deppe's was equally profound and personal. We are still weary and weak, but the Lord is giving us ALL the tools and opportunities we need to do His work, and harvest good fruit from good soil. So exciting!!!!

On Thursday we double checked the amount of our remaining miles, and reqlized there was about 115 left and we could indeed spend a day in Leoti!! Excitedly we packed and prepared and hopped in the car to head out there. When we arrived a blizzard rolled in and snow threatened our chance to drive back home that evening. Nervous and unsure, we prayed to know what the Lord would have us do. Sister Deppe was certain we needed to contact SOMEONE, some soul that was waiting for us. We decided we would first try contacting a less-active member and just go from there.

Teri answered her door and invited us right in! She told us why she does't come to church, and what she was experiencing with her teenage boys the past few months. It was positive, we set a return appointment and then asked if she knew of anyone else that might be going through a difficult time. "Actually," she said, "I do have an acquaintance in town who always seems to be a bit down when I see her at the store." Teri then told us the location of her apartments, and that we'd find her door number in the lobby.

Indeed, it was all according to her directions! After a quick restroom break and discovering Ruth on the list tacked to the lobby wall, we knocked on #14.

Ruth, a middle-aged latina from Mexico, answered the door with oily bed hair. We told her we were representatives of Christ and had a message of peace and love. She leaned her head against the door frame and told us of her mother, whom had died three years ago. Ruth has been in total depression ever since. She was reluctant, but said we could come in, because "It's too cold to be outside!"

The Lord works in mysterious ways! Meeting with Ruth was a sacred experience. She was indeed thoroughly depressed and dysfunctional. Her two sons have been keeping her alive despite her bottles of anti-depressants and suicidal attempts. She said she knows her mother would never want her to be this way, but she has fallen into a deep hole and can only try to "claw out of the darkness" without hope.

The Spirit was very strong. We talked about her belief in Christ and the Father. We discussed the progression of a mustard seed of desire, as well as the plan of salvation. We read Alma 40:11-12, she read it aloud and stammered, in tears, taken aback. "Do you think that's where your mother is?" we asked. "...I would like to think so..." "Ruth, we testify that's precisely where your mother is."

We are so lucky to know the Plan of Happiness :)

Sorry it was such a long one today. Miracles are continuing and the Lord is hastily building us up to hastily spread His gospel. His precious lost sheep are cold and tired, and it is such an honor to get to attend to them. I love the warmth of the Spirit and the confirmation that we've worked through Him to help others.

I also really really love Dairy King burgers!! And fried okra! And the pleasant aroma of beef and cow turd each time we go outside!!

I LOVE YA ALL LIKE CRAZY!!! Keep on keepin on :)

Sister Murph

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