Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of Tender Mercies!


Week of tender mercies:
She is laughing, I smile big and drink in the bright blue sky, the grey-grey fields, the rolling purple and orange rock formations jetting between plains, our car speeding by.

We hand them each a Book of Mormon, joke about the randomness of our being out in the middle-of-nowhere Russell Springs, thank them for the map and new directions, an burst into the midday breeze as we exit "The Stitchin Post."

My eyes are closed softly. I extend my arms out agains the stern warm wind and embrace God's hug, and fold my arms back in to pray. I thank Him for the Holy Ghost. I thank Him for good shoes, good leaders, good companion. I thank Him for the splendor of being at such a view of endless Kansas, flourishin in wildlife and calm as ever.

So much peace is found in God's country.

After we climbed Lone Butte and drove back through the prairie dog fields to the Haverfields, we ate a codfish dinner. As it darkened we left with a prayer and thanked Lillian and Calvin for the perfect day cleaning their dusty carport and exploring the ranch. We bolted to the car, across the dirt roads, and turned to the rich pink and deep blue sun setting.

It wasn't just the thrill of driving miles and miles to simply visit our Relief Society President far up North and away that was so fun for Sister Depp and I. We had felt so distinctly that morning that we just were not supposed to go to Dighton. It did not feel right! Nor did Leoti, neither Scott. Up. North. Russell. That's all we could think. It was the craziest whim, but we KNEW it is what the Lord wanted most.

"Glad you made it safely home. So happy you sisters made the effort to come spend the day with us. I was really needing a spiritual lift. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO THE SPIRIT! Thank you for your help with the car port cleaning. Love, Sis. Haverfield."

President Monson once said that his favorite feeling is to receive some sort of prompting, act on it, and then see that it was from the Lord to bless another person's life. We may not have found the perfect family for baptism this past week, and we may not have accomplished some crazy numbers for our mission. We did, however, follow what the Lord needed and received such tender mercies and love in return. I invite you all to really ponder the gift of the Holy Ghost and how He prompts you. Learn how you can be a unique vessel in the Hands of the Lord, and bless some other man's life by your obedience to Him. The joy that comes is inexpressible.

I love love love you all, I cannot believe I get to see you in just a couple weeks time. God be with you til we meet again!!

Sister Murphy

Heads up: A new Mormon Message to watch (it is so stinkin good!!!)

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