Monday, March 16, 2015


Here's another oldie :) sisters conference with the cramesta!

I stepped outside onto the snow-chunked mud and took a deep breath of the bitter wind infused with cow turd. I smile. Exhale! Another quaint day in little ol' Scott City!!

The branch here is teeny tiny! Most members have some farm animals and two own massive feedlots! When we drove out to even teenier Leoti we passed acres and acres of cows grazing in their pens. MOOOOOOooove it a long!!!

It's been such a thrill serving in Western Kansas! It's about time I got to the Midwestern feel of the Midwest. The heartland is such a special place :)

We had some pretty cool experiences, some more of those sacred ones I hesitate to talk too much about. Perhaps I'll one day share it all, for in it I have truly changed. The worries and strife have absolutely continued as I've come out to a new area. I still have doubts and questions in the gospel and have felt heavily influenced by the adversary yet steadfast and committed to the Lord and you know what?! The peace and love of God never stops comin!! And more than that the Lord inspired me with an even more profound revelation this past week and it came so simply and so quietly but as I have acted on it my life is already turning around full throttle!!


I know that you know that and I know that I knew that. But sometimes we just like to forget, don't we?? We forget the simple gospel truths and we can get so caught up in deeper meanings or in trial in the application or yada yada but God just wants me to be happy!!!! Don't worry and BE HAPPY!!

I hope you know I've got a big big grin on my face right now :) :) I big one and it's because the Lord loves me. And He loves my brothers and sisters. And even if that stinky ol adversary is getting strong and fighting hard and tearing the world apart, the Lord is on our side and there is ALWAYS hope, there will be a happy ending no matter what!!! Jesus Christ has already performed the atonement and even if we don't apply it, it blesses our lives! And our family! And our friends! And our future and our past!! There is so so much to be joyful about :) And this is me, finally, at long last, truly throwing my cares to the wind and joyfully trusting in God!

That's all I really have to share this week.... haahaha. BE HAPPY! God wants you to be happy! He made you to be happy! And happiness is in and through His Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days. Oh happy days :)

Love you all lots, just as usual!!!

Sister Murph

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