Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miss Maddie Moisture

Three types of moisture governed my weekend of total bliss.

1. Dove deep, a whole 625 feet below Kansas into the great salt channel of minery! After spending over two hours in the dim mine lights of a massive cavern of salt, all the moisture my skin could possibly produce was absorbed into the mineral walls. It was SUCH a cool experience. It was full of spiritual meaning too, not just super fun times! I had no idea how much stinkin salt there is here. And it's really hard to break down, and under water it shines up real good and it cleans your sinuses. I didn't even know I had sinus to cleanse, and yet I was easy breathin easy livin down there! "Ye are the salt of the earth," many in number, tough to break, and pure after a nice bath (baptism!!).

2. The second form of moisture was actual baptism. BAPTISM! A wonderful and dear to my heart ol' geezer in Hutchinson (my last area) was at last baptized after two years of investigating. His wife had been baptized years ago and has been doing everything she could possibly think of to get him in the water. I sat next to her yesterday as we watched Andy enter the font. She exploded with emotion, two years of anticipatory tears. Which leads to my last and most obvious water gushing:

3. TEARS. Lots of em. Because I witnessed a man change his life. And I felt a great change in me, and Hutch welcomed me with such loving and open arms. I felt like I was indulging selfishly all weekend as I spent time with the people I truly love that love me too. A member helped me understand however that it wasn't self-centered, it was self-FULFILLING. I like that :) I filled myself full all Sunday and Monday :)
Basically I'm quite the happy camper! I LOVE being a missionary in Kansas, in the Heartland!! Ain't no better mission, ain't no better work. We've got good things planned too, and can't wait for the miracles to occur in the great Harrison Park ward.
Love you all! Thanks for your prayers and letters! It's amazing to have such fantastic friends :)
Sister Murphy

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