Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hey friends and fam!
I'm doin wonderful, but don't really feel like writing right now, but here is an update:
[ 1 ] 
Sister McClees was ETed (Emergency Transferred) two wards over and I have a new comp, Sister Cramer! Yeah, like THE Cramer!! Haha, all I could think of when I first met her was that tall skinny tan man oiling up on the roof apartments to soak some sun, and somebody imagining him as nicely roasted chicken. Oh Seinfield. She is super quirky and hard working and we are already working much harder than I ever have before. 


[ 2 ] 
Stake Conference was entirely about missionary work!! I learned so much, but the highlights were learning about the ENABLING power of the atonement, "IF you don't feel like praying, let's pray until you want to," and assisting with the hastening brings THE greatest joy man could possibly ever feel. I saw the latter in over ten of the speaker's countenance. They were so joyfull because of missionary work, because it helps them apply the atonement in their life, and your joy is full when you witness a friend come into the fold. It is surreal! This is NOT just because I'm a biased full-time missionary! The hastening is more of a bigger deal than I ever imagined.

[ 3 ] 
Yesterday morning we had many final week goals that were lacking, so we prayed that Heavenly Father would help us to accomplish those numbers, to find those people and help along those people, so that we could hit the high numbers we had set the previous week. Her and I knew God could do all things, and accept God's will regardless of what could happen. God orchestrated Sunday just beautifully. We found the two new investigators we craved for, we contacted a referral and set her on date for baptism, and Mary made it to church with us :) It was absolutely riveting, total miracles and blessings and faith-builders to kick off a new and exciting transfer.

[ 4 ] 
I've identified a physical issue I've obtained. Well, there have been several, allergies (I'm downing Kansan bee pollen) and Menares. Go self-diagnosis!! I don't have much alternative haha. Basically every time I stand up or make any sudden movement I get super lightheaded, and eventually nauseous and I'm just waiting for the day I topple over! A member taught me this trick: I sit completely backwards on a couch, feet touching the wall, back in the seat, head hanging over the couch front side. And then I let my head hang there for a few minutes. It feels awesome!! And THEN I somersault forward off of the couch and then VUALAA! I'm healed! For like five hours! I'm super grateful that God gives us bodies that make sense, and we have SO many resources to help our ailments. Believe it, son. This is real life.
Love ya'lll! Sorry it's kind of a strange email this week.. haha... love you!!!
Sister m

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