Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another wonderfully rainy day in the Little Apple...

Good morning brothers and sisters!
It's another wonderfully rainy day in the Little Apple. I spent this morning feeling so beyond joyful... more happy than I believe I have EVER felt. It is this sort of peaceful happiness, a more understanding and timid elixir and I just feel so blessed to be called in my all my weakness to be a messenger of the gospel. I hope all of you have been doing okay, playing in the crinkling leaves and breathing in the crisp air, and eating chocolate chip pumpkin cookies because those are why we have fall. To eat delicious cookies. So PLEASE eat them for me :) Also, I of course must leave you with a small message I read this morning, because I feel this is how I'd like to have most of my conversations throughout all of life; centered on Christ and the spirit. I hope you are turning to the Savior in your hardships and building each other up. The more I work with non-members and the saints, the more my testimony grows on the importance of unity. I read this morning from a wonderful artical about testifying and challenging that there are specific people the Lord not just is prepairing, but really NEEDS to have in His church. But the more significant part of this is that the Holy Ghost knows who they are and just needs you as a vessel to convert them. So, as you continue pondering from all of the marvelous talks and scripture to be daily missionaries, remember that the Holy Ghost wants you to use it's gentle and POWERFUL spirit to convert others. People are always being lectured and accomodated and everything secular that we fall privy of in normal conversation. What they DON'T normally get is a powerful spirit to help them feel happy, protected and comforted. That is the feeling they will connect with, that is the guide they need into our church.
Okay SO we've been biking all over this adorable city, picking up bugs eager to bite our legs and dodging spider webs that just bluster about in the wind. The spiders are seriously so large. Can you say Spiderman's radioactive giant spider? And I was in the car riding with a member and she was telling me about her wolf spider bite and that it is like the size of a golf ball and all black and blue!! WHAT? And oh my goodness the people? I love them all so much. Many of them are so family oriented and friendly and believe in God, they just don't understand how much easier and how much more miraculous it all could be with the gospel. We tracted into Paige and she has relied on the bible all her life. And now as a young mother she wants to find the right church for her children to attend. She accepted the BOM but wouldn't set an appointment with us, but I have a good feeling about her. This last week was mostly a tad uneventful. I think we were prepping for a glorious week because we are much fuller schedule wise now.
Uneventful apart from Tuesday that is. We got off to a late start and biked to a path that we thought would be able to take us to the neighborhood where our appointments were. It was closed off because of flooding and there was no other access to this little trailer park! Discouraged but eager to find other PIs, we headed to another hood. No success. Finally we thought we ended up in another hood where we had knocked countless times with no success on Kelly's door, and she was home! As we left we bumped into an adorable girl with her dog and she went into the apartment, as we left I had a strong feeling to go knock anyways and she answered and listened and seemed eager to meet us again and to study the BOM! And then we bumped into about four other wonderful people, all at perfect time, each directing us to another prime person and I was just blown away!! We gave away abuot five BOMs total, plenty of cards, and so many smiles and testimonies. I truly learned a great way to communicate with the Holy Ghost that day and have been learning more and more since.
In another car ride with Apryl (who was run over by a car last year breaking both legs, and whose husband died two weeks ago, and is has beautiful white hard and healthy dark brown skin and so much fire and love for a 60 year old) and suddenly she goes, "THERE is a BEE IN HERE." And she jumps backward into her seat, her leg flying upward with alarm and her hand fumbles for the window and I say, "Oh don't worry it's just a sweet little honey bee!" And she, without any hesitation and full-blown sass says, "I don't WANT to be HIS HONEY!"
If you want somebody to pray for, I've got a couple for you. Brother Felix Harsh, converted a couple months ago and since has lost three employments plus ALL of his friends because of becoming a Mormon. His ex-wife has become more extreme in her detrimental ways and his daughters are scared. He also gave up many comforts from the word of wisdom, but is working so hard to keep all of his covenants. Pray that he will continue receiving the Lord's strength as he fights through his trials. He has such a strong wonderful testimony, but with the power of Satan we sometimes falter. Also if you are willing prayers can go out for Apryl and Susan Rush. They just need the final push to baptism and fellowship and they'll be golden members of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ :)
I love you all so much and I pray I get to hear from you often! I truly hope you each are feeling God's love in your lives. Don't forget how lucky you truly are to be in such a wonderful place where the church is strong and the temple is near and covenants and principles keep you on the straight and narrow. There are beyond countless people in our world and in Kansas that live in darkness that would love to have a taste and understanding of what you live everyday.
I love you all!! Thank you again for your donations and aid and kind words. I still think of all of you looking up at me with such love as I stood on the podium at my farewell... it brings inexplicable joy and I am so grateful.
Sister Murphy Senior

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