Monday, January 27, 2014

Resolutions and Revelations‏

Okay so we were driving home as we always do, belting out Vocal Point's "Nearer My God To Thee." It was late and dark out. The music was building and we were getting way more into it than usual, when I looked ahead and saw something utterly traumatic. "BUUUHHUUUUhuhuhNNYYYYY!" I moaned, dramatically. It all happened so fast, it still sort of feels like a terrible blur, but what I saw was a mangled bunny whom had been hit by a car on the side of the road.
To many of you this may not be of anything of importance. As a big lover of rabbits it has been QUITE the pleasure to see that bunnies run around here as squirrels do in SLC. Every time I see those cute little ears bolt off away I just squee, "SO CUTE!" And so you can imagine that bunny road kill would be so not okay!!
My comp was very startled by my reaction. "It was just a chunk of ice!!" she said. I knew she was just trying to make me feel better and so the crying ensued. "Little cottontahahahaaaailll..." (sob).
The following morning as we approached the same street my comp was very kind to notify me when to look away to keep me from enduring the same terror. I still could not help but look out for it... and to our surprise we realized: The bunny had melted, for it was indeed a chunk of ice.
This week was actually quite spiritually powerful. It was up and down because the majority of members here are full of bitterness, gossip, drama.. they not only have zero desire to spread the gospel, but are a bit upset with us when we attempt to inquire their missionary efforts. We are trying to do our best to show them Christ's love, and gently teach His expectation for us to become member missionaries.

I came to this realization, along with my companion, of which we are now going to effectively teach in correspondence with the fantastic talk given last conference on creating a "Game Plan." (Read and apply it! Oh it is so awesome!) I was prayerfully pondering about the way missionary work has helped me become a better person so that I could more lovingly convey the way it can bless others. Without hesitation I remembered the years I had spent walking away from the path of righteousness, and the difficulties in my attempts to stumble back. Of course there were MANY things that ignited my passion to change my behaviors, but what got my mind in "Game Plan: Project Heal Madison" mode was my decision to serve a mission.
I know from personal experience that if we make a real intent effort to give the greatest gift, then bit by bit we will be keeping the commandments a little better. We will be loving our God more, and learning more of Him and His plan. We will be loving others in the best way one can be loved. We will refrain from idolizing other Gods i.e. technology and TV and wordly distractions. We will serve our spouses and be a light set on a hill.
Apart from my experience, there is a dear father of a family of teenagers here, Brother Benson. After Sunday school yesterday we asked him how he feels our ward has been doing as far as missionary efforts goes. He stammered, tears welled up in his eyes, and I could see the hardship the last year has brought them because of the decline and bitterness in missionary work here. But I also saw the humility and blessings there that he has received from his family's undying efforts to serve with us. He said, that lesson you missionaries gave last week, when you mentioned that the hastening of the work now, as Elder Ballard has professed, is as pivotal and significant of an action as the First Vision itself... I realized that there is something big coming. His smile grew amid his tears and he paused again. "Something big is going to happen to Hutchinson," he said again.

I cannot wait :)

I pray for all of my wonderful friends and family and ward at home, that you all are really trying your best to be daily missionaries. I know it is my main focus right now and so of course it is what I would teach you, but seeing the change in my heart because of the atonement and the love I have felt of my Savior, I know I would NOT have come this far were it not for my decision to serve.

I love you all SO VERY MUCH. Thank you thank you for your cards and love and support. I hope you see the blessings our Father gives you for helping me and my family, because I know the blessings are there. Have a wonderful week! :D
Sister Murphy Senior

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