Sunday, January 26, 2014

Total Possumness‏

One of our member friends found a dead possum in her front yard. I have never seen a possum, or at least remembered it until I saw one lying there. I don't have anything spiritual to say about this haha, I just think animal life is so weird here in the Little Apple, haha... Wild turkeys and possums and GIANT squirrels that burrow under basically every lawn of grass, so when you walk on grass you are constantly sinking into the ground (which is unsafe when wearing small heals)!
Oh man it was quite the week of learning. I sometimes beat myself up when I don't see leaps of progression. But I am always reminded (thank you Holy Ghost) that what our Heavenly Father wants is for us to work tortoise status: slow and steady progression. I know there is a scripture about, but, I'm a tad burned out today and cannot remember. P day is much needed haha.
We had an incredible lesson with Nancy, the first woman I ever taught "in real life" out in the mish. She won't commit to baptism because she was baptised in her Christian church. We do our best to explain priesthood authority being the significant difference there, but it's not hitting home for her. This week we will emphasize the great Apostacy, but what I'm getting at is I realized how lucky you all are out there in this regard. You get to not only tell people about the blessings of baptism, but you also get to show them in a more personal, meaningful way. I mean, I can share special experiences, but it is just more impacting when it comes from a friend. When a friend can say, I went through temple this morning, and it made me feel this way, and it is blessing my family this way. I'm lucky as a missionary to be filled withthe love of Christ for His children, but because friendship with new investigators can only go so far with a tag on.... do you get my point? I hope youa ll out there are doing everything you can to make and keep your covenants because it can be such a powerful example for those who hardly ever feel the light we can feel constantly.
I loe Nancy, I feel very confident she will be on date for baptism by end of transfers. Unfortunately the Selfs did not come to church, so we are pushing them off date for baptism and it makes me sad that "agency" and Satan can hurt us so much, but I'm learning to have constant faith that the Lord will take care of them as long as I am praying and doing my best as their missionary.
Saturday our wonderful little japanese member Mihoko took us to a little town within our mission limits but it really is in the middle of nowhere. The drive was just beautiful though, and the people in Riley were very different than Manhattan, which I imagine they are just like typical Kansanites. We at last contacted a referral we haven't been able to for over a month, and she was sad and lost and really needing the gospel. Unfortunately her long-time companion controls who she spends time with so we cannot set a time to visit. She has all of these little projects we could help her with and she like the BOM, so I hope we can be divinely led back to her home in the right timing.
Right now the main thing I'm working on is how to humble my naturally proud heart without having to have a "humbling experience." I'm also working on long prayers, and balancing talk time with listen time. It is very difficult to just sit and listen during a prayer, it makes me sad I've spent my whole life unattentive to the Holy Ghost but am SO HAPPY I've finally realized how important it is in our daily lives! So I'm very excited to improve in these areas :)
OH! Wendy, our sweet Ecuadorian, she is TOTALLY going to get baptized! She just doesn't know it yet haha. So if you want someone to pray for, it's Wendy, Karen a recent convert less active, Felix (he is still unemployed sadly), and Amy in Riley. Thank you so so much for your prayers. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family. As always, pray hard and study them scriptures daily! After all, it's a commandment!!
Sister Murphy Senior
PS Shout out to my wonderful baby sis who just received her patriarchal blessing! WOOHOO!!

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