Monday, January 27, 2014

Still still still one can hear the falling snow‏

As in, there is no falling snow. But an abundance of twinkly lights and Fa La Las and YES to commitments like Word of Wisdom and Pray Daily and Keep Them Sabbath Days Holy and it is the best gift of them all. We have three WONDERFUL people on date for baptism and they seem very promising. It may not perhaps be on "Noche Blanca" but it will certainly happen within the new year. ...NEW YEAR? Man time is flying.
I've been following that good 'ol hymn Count your many blessings. I had to amid the trials of last week, and boy did it serve me well. I wrote specifically the answers and gifts that Heavenly Father has blessed me and my area with in answer to my specific prayers. I then wrote a list of the many other blessings He gives on top of that. I discovered I have been so grandly blessed. I can't believe why it has taken me until this phase of life to learn the blessings of honest and meek requests in prayer (I feel it is so hypocritical to call oneself meek, or humble, or holy, but I truly have been reminded of my own significance this week haha). I think the most needed and enjoyed gift has been Charity. "But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth FOREVER. For whosever is found possessed of it at the last day, it will be well with him." I think that's how Moroni 7:47 goes, I memorized it just this last weekend. I know that truly the only way a person can possess charity is by praying fervently for it, especially if you are a little Sister Murphy Sr. missionary. I have only noticed a twinkle of possession this last week, because I am growing to actually love the core of my sweet companion. All of those little quirks and frustrations stop mattering and you just laugh and think man o man you are so silly and so wonderful. If I am to give any gift to my loved ones this season, it would be an increased possession of the pure love of Christ, for it is the supreme gift that will keep us "well" in the last day!
Plus it's the love part that comes with the spirit of Christmas. It's what makes the nativity so precious; the love of Joseph to keep his wife with baby from being stoned and to walk over 70 miles so that Christ can be born in David, the love of sweet Mary who in her humility accepted the supreme honor of holding the Only Begotten in her belly, of the shepards submitting to bright singing angels and Gloria shouting from all around the world because the world knew that their salvation was about to be saved!
I am being transferred.
I am shocked. I mean I know it is the way ofI've built such wonderful relationships here and at last have some seriously solid investigators, but I have more faith than ever that they will pull through successfully, or at least that whatever happens is divinely directed and meant to be in God's grand plan. Selfishly I am sad to leave the wonderful missionaries I've had the honor being around. I know there are more friendships to build, but the whole not being able to contact Elders thing is quite a bummer, because their sense of humors are just something I really enjoy through the tough times.
I have one incredible story to share, and then I bid you adieu. We received a text from a recent convert, Joe, in Garden City Kansas. He said his sister resides in the Little Apple and she desires a bible and BOM. Sister Walker and I popped on over that evening witht the goods and BOY was she happy to see us. Sweet Elena and her boyfriend Eric reside in an apartment room where a legit Satanic cult practiced. It was feeling okay, but as soon as she mentioned the strange findings of which I will not disclose in strange locations we could feel the icy pit of fear creep into us. "I want my home to be blessed," she said. Her brother had recommended it. Seeing as she was eager to come unto Christ and be taught we deemed it appropriate for a consecration. The next evening we arrived with our Elders as well as Brother Nelson of the bishopric. After a spiritual discussion about the need for, the blessings of, and the standards of receiving a blessing of consecration, we knelt together in prayer. The power of light and glory came softly, and illuminated gradually, until we all felt the joy of heaven's angels. Brother Nelson became teary-eyed mid-blessing and Elena declared many times afterward the strong warmth she felt, and knew it was of God. Powerful testimonies were born, and I remember wishing I could feel that way always... but then again, I am grateful that these miraculous moments come fleetingly so that the level of power and joy is that much more remarkable.
I love you all out there. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers. I feel them, I feel them making me stronger, giving me luck in lessons, blessing my area, and helping the Lord in the hastening of His work. I thank you dearly. I will talk to you next week but wish you a very Merry Christmas!!
Sister Murphy Senior
PS If you are wanting names to pray for, the following are the sweet Manhattan investigators and progressing less-actives I will soon be leaving; Ann and Steve Murphy, Mercedes and her mother, Nancy, Elena and Eric, Tonya Stock and her fiance Eric. THANK YOU!!!!

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