Monday, June 23, 2014

Be lovin Kansas!

Wednesday night at 10:00pm we get a knock at our door. The recent-convert less-active that lives down our hallway had just returned home from work. We love her a lot and she was all groggy. Somehow on her way out to work this morning she had not opened her safety rod lock thing from the interior all the way, so once she unlocked her door with the key and opened it the rod locked in place, keeping her out indefinitely. She needed our help! So we try an assortment of things, screwdriver, floss, cardboard, chunks of a birdhouse, to no avail! At last we realize we could call 24-hour maintenance! He came minutes later with a box of tools. It was Die Hard, in person, bald and buff with a fab gotee, and wearing flip flops. Suddenly our neighbor jumped away from the door and said, "he's got a saw!!" And immediately the electric saw roared and he chopped the metal rod right off within seconds. "Sure do!" he said, and added he would replace the rod tomorrow, and left. The laughs lasted all night!
So one of our main appointments we were super excited about cancelled last minute. We sunk to the ground outside his apartment, discouraged, not knowing where the heck the Lord needed us to be. I felt out of ideas, and started texting and asking Sister Blood for approval. She was hunched over and didn't respond, and after I nagged her she said sternly, "I'm praying!" At length I went silent, feeling bad, and she finally sprung up and asked if we had a Grove Street. Sure! I replied and we hopped in our car to find it. Half way there Sister B cries, "We passed it!" so we turned around and headed down NOT Grove Street, met the edge of the neighborhood and looked at each other then simultaneously muttered "It was back there!" Finally we pulled near the driveway of a quaint brick home and Sister B points and says, "This is the one." We quickly prayed and stepped out. Raven was waiting in her driveway. We pleasantly small-talked, she's a caretaker, Nazarene, open to all religions, curious about other books of scripture and sees a dire need for a prophet. We tell her we felt very specifically prompted to come to HER home, and shared the First Vision with her. She liked it, excitedly took a BOM, said she'd come to church with her kids, and would pray about it all. She even said she'd be baptized if she found it was alllll true!!!
Sister Blood is a BOSS LADY! I'm just so impressed, and I love following her example and being so divinely led to meet certain people. We ended up meeting over 25 new potential people last week, each so open and ready to learn. The dynamics of our city and Satan go against their progression, but we know through faith and constant effort, we WILL find fruits as we continue planting seeds!
I can't help but remember the one couple I've found to guide into this church through baptism. I love them so much, dear Anne and Steve, and they give me hope that there really is someone else waiting...and that every interaction we have with people, testifying of the truth, is just another needed confirmation of the love this gospel gives they need to eventually be baptized. Goll I miss them too :)
Hope all of you have had a wonderful week! I hope you had a chance to watch #ItWasMom, I know it was my mom, she is the one that was always there taking care of me and building her daughters up to be disciples of Christ. I love her so stinkin much and owe her everything! (My dad's pretty great too. haha ;D)
Love you!! Talk to you soon, hopefully!

Sister Murphy Senior
PS: Spagghetti burritos!!!

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