Monday, June 30, 2014

Ode to My Fathers

I so rudely forgot to include my Ode to My Fathers! It ain't every day we get to tribute our dads, and though I'm a day and a minute late, it must be said!
I must first thank my Father in Heaven for blessing me abundantly with His love, His open and surrounding arm, His listening ear and unending daily existence in my life. I am so grateful He sent His Son, His perfect and glorified Son, to be bruised and broken for our sakes. I am emotional by His unrelenting faith in me as His daughter and personal creation. I came on a mission to try and repay Him for what He has done for me in the past. Unfortunately out here I have needed Him more than ever before, and know I will ALWAYS be indebted to Him. I love Him!

And my dear, dear earthly Father, John Murphy. OH how I love him. I thought of him so much throughout this past week. His teachings resound in my ears daily when I am confronted with new tests. My memories of him chasing us with water guns and telling me to get up and not be a baby when I fall off my bike (hahaha) and acting out difficult charades no matter how ridiculous it makes him look will always keep me smiling! My dear father has given me a solid foundation in the gospel, he has had the patience and tough love to coax me through my dumb decisions, and he has shown in many ways his sincere concern and hope for my safety and growth in enexplicably humbling ways. I wish I could describe to you the innumerable moments of kindness and love he has shown toward me, yet they are so sacred and dear to me, I hold them close. I love my daddy!

Happy belated Fathers Day! I'm giving you a virtual kiss and a hug, Popsicle! You're a keeper!!
Love Mads

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