Monday, June 30, 2014

Companion Love!

Went from peanut brittle to chocolate pudding this past week. The joy of having a brief weekly email is I get to disguise the meany inside me, haha. Really though, I was pigheaded and impatient and lazyyyy this past week, it's a tad disappointing. It really is like a slow downward spiral, but then it suddenly picks of pace and you are like WOH what is happening AAAHHH I didn't want to do that.... psh...who cares what happens next. But wonderfully, I have a companion who is so so full of love. SO MUCH LOVE! We lost all of our investigators. We had spent two solid weeks finding and enduring great miracles as we found, and they all continued to drift out of reach. With her love and the beautiful reminder of the atonement in our dear, dear scriptures, we are so ready for this week. PUMPED!
HIGHLIGHT: We found a less-active, Kelly, who is about 20 and was baptized at 8 and then never really returned to church. She lives with her grandmother, whom we visited to support after her latest surgery. Kelly happened to sortof listen and that was all. The next week stopped by for Billie again, who wasn't home but Kelly was. We taught a brief message on the Priesthood, and she was open for a return visit for her mainly, including her husband who is NOT a member. The following week, this past week, we taught them all the restoration, and even her younger brother and Billie joined in. Kelly became so very excited, said this is what she knows she has needed to help her two kids grow up right. She said she would be at church, but wasn't sure anyone else would attend. Yesterday in walks Kelly, beaming, beautiful, with billie, the younger brother, AND her husband!!!! We couldn't believe it, this was the THIRD TIME any of my investigators have made it to church with us. It just blew me BLEW me away. Softened the ol brittle out ;)
I'm happy. SO HAPPY! I love you all, love this gospel. I love that we have all of this time (4 whole minutes according to Bishop Stevenson in General Conference) to change and progress and prepare for our Father.
Sister Murph dawwwg

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