Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conference & Cows...

Happy mooooo-nday to you!! Not only has this week been cow-themed thanks to my companion's obsession with cows, (cow pjs, cow blanket, cow stuffed animal, cow candy dispenser) but it seems it's just been the hot topic with the people of Hutchinson, including license plates stating "EAT BEEF," and not to mention cows offer a great source of delicious local raw milk and yogurt sitting in our fridge right now! Kansas cows yeehaw!!

Oh and of course there's conference, the better and more important of the two. Wasn't it amazing?? There were so many promised blessings, I loved that. There was promised peace and ease if we are grateful amid trial, there was the guidance from our ancestors to make better decisions if we do our genealogy work, closeness to God if we are obedient and trusting, repentant, charitable... and my favorite of all--yoked with Christ if we make and keep covenants. Wow. I also really like Elder Scott's emphasis on sharing the gospel simply and by example. I loved Eyering's urge for us to be mindful of the legacy of hope we can leave behind. And to seal it all up in the end, President Monson's quote, "May we realize how close to us He is willing to come, and how far He is willing to go."

Such a testimony is chilling.

I loved going over it all this morning to pick out what I have need to work on currently and what lessons I need to implement into my teaching. I can already feel the words of our prophets yesterday and Saturday changing me :)

We met two very cool women separately throughout last week. One is a young single mom who bakes pies at a nearby Amish bakery/restaurant. She is very passionate about her belief in Christ and God, and told us about her experience validating this belief. She wanted to find physical evidence to support her faith, and was searching online for something that could have proved our Savior's resurrection. I've never thought about such a thing, I have just relied on what I've briefly studied in the New Testament, and on the words of the prophets. She discovered what we matched to be within in the Bible at Matthew 27:51, "And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom." As she described her emotion in finding it documented in Jerusalem history online, as literal curtains torn and tattered in the temple, we all got goosebumps. The resurrection is just so... inexplicably profound.

And the second woman is a Mormon, she just doesn't know it yet ;) Hahaha, she is part of a church that has a youth group and a youth camp and they basically just do almost everything a typical member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would do. Her enthusiasm about the scriptures and wanting to read the Book of Mormon was incredibly refreshing. I've got to do more of what Elder Martino of the Seventy taught us K-dub missionaries awhile back: I better get on my knees and pray for this to happen. I am so excited for us to follow-up with her this week!

Gotta bare witness now, I just gotta! This church is the truth. It is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored in it's fullness, and learning it's truth will literally set you free. I know Christ's great sacrifice is both enabling and redeeming, two words so profound and personal to who I am becoming. I know President Monson, with his love and meekness and long-suffering, is a prophet of God and his apostles are true seers and revelators. I know this gospel is the most wonderfully narrow and true way back to our Father in Heaven. I love this church and I love being a missionary!

Happy Easter! Eat lots of chocolate! Pray and read your scriptures daily! Weekly FHE! LOVE! hahaha

Sister Murphy Senior

Here's a pic: found a sweet mill in the middle of nowheres! It was a wonderful, beautiful green plains and chilly and damp forests in hidden farms kind of night. And another pic, we got to see a members museum of dolls!! I counted over 30 Shirley Temples, and the member made almost every outfit for every doll!!!

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