Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hutchinson Forever!

Howdy parddners! Just preparin for the western dance good ol Hutch bout to put on come Fridee. Got to break out the old horse feathers and leather dance booties.

Wait what is the term horse feathers used for? Violins? Eh, sounds westerny to me.. Well HEY! So this past week was totally great! I parted with my dearest companion Sister Christensen which is STILL a major heartbreaker... but we've lived apart for over twenty years, and know we will one day reunite in style! My new comp is super great, she loves to yodel! Sister Prince is obedient and committed and I'm thinkin it's gonna be an amazing transfer! Just like my sisters Chlo and Ken are staying in their areas for so long, I feel like I must have unfinished business here and I gotta figure out what I can do for my Heavenly Father to make up for what I didn't the last couple of transfers.

We ended up teaching a less active of whom we had a profound, sacred lesson with a few months ago, but hasn't displayed any interest in changing, just needed some reminders of his bad behaviors. Well Saturday night we randomly felt impressed to knock on his door again. He was his usual humored and confusing self, and we had to heighten our discerning skills to note which strange comments to respond on and how to relate it with the enabling power of the atonement he is so needing to apply. Surprisingly (well, not so much knowing the Holy Ghost is on our side ;D), he admitted in response to the condemning scriptures we chose that he will be held accountable for his poor decisions and the way it has affected his active wife and children. He also committed to quit drinking coffee (a start to the many addictions), and to read a verse in the BOM daily. He seemed genuinely committed.... and I'm just twitterpated!!! I love the man so much, and Sister Prince and I feel so strongly he is needed to become active in our ward, he just needs to learn by trials of his faith. So pray for Brother Waters if you don't mind!! And our four people on date: Denise, Jeffrey, Angela, Selene. And for our area to keep progressing! Thanks :)

I love watching the emerald grass (not city. I have yet to find Oz) pushing through the ground and livening up the long stretches of Kansan fields. I can't wait to see miles of sunflowers and more bunnies hopping around and families playing outside just waiting for us to scoop em up into the fold of our Savior! I feel collected, I feel humbled, I feel adequately inadequate, I feel excited to keep on being a missionary and just LOVE being obedient and involved in this community and applying the atonement!! I'm just excited! I feel as alive as the gorgeous yellow flowers springing from our yard! 

I can't believe my family is all sprawled out, not a single one of us is in Utah! I hope all is well, I feel like my email is super boring this week, but I'm just in this great progressive mode I think, feeling so strengthened by God, on a nice leveled energy track of work. Thanks for the emails!! I LOVE YOU ALL A BUNCHES!! Keep prepping for General Conference coming up, SO EXCITING!!!

With spirit,
Sister Murphy Senior

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