Monday, April 21, 2014

El día blanco...

     -Tried my first Amish homemade deliciousness: Shoe-fly pie! Made of strait up molasses and brown sugar.     
       Sooo yummy. Purchased at a local Amish quilt fair, so fun!
     -Met a geneology BEAST! She is visiting here from Utah and her shirt said "I seek dead people," and she 
       told many stories of how excited her dead ancestors were in getting their work done. The veil can be so 
     -Found many unfindable less actives! We can't wait to bring them back into Christ's fold :)
     -Got my haircut and played Settlers of Catan and bananagrams with some other LAs. Such wonderful ways 
       to proselyte haha
     -And for the big finale, dressed in white for a wonderful day at the Oklahoma City temple. 

We had been urged to pray throughout the prior week for specific questions to be answered and for strength. The APs were there and told us there is a specific power to be obtained from the temple, and we need to recognize it as we leave.

If only I could elaborate on my experience inside the tiny temple. Of most significance, I was in great turmoil as for what to inquire of the Lord and to understand what He expects of me. My mind fought through some serious chaos and found a soft voice telling me I already knew, and need not search further for it... and expectations of God were being fulfilled in so many ways, and the remaining expectations that faltered would be sustained by a brilliant brightness of hope and joy. A smile grew across my face and my heart jumped to observe my fellow missionaries embracing. My testimony felt so sure, and I realized the power I accessed that day was the Power of Purity. What a marvelous power to have! So full of light! I hope it remains, I hope it exudes to those we greet, I hope it hits them hard in the face so they never forget what the Light of Christ truly is and feels like! I feel so honored! And I need to pray every day for that brightness of hope, for I know it does not come from within me, it can only come from the Father!

It was a tough week, but a wonderful one. I hope all of you are wonderful! My sister Mekenna last week said this so well, but please love your neighbors, please be kind, please fulfill your baptismal covenants and "warn" those around you. You can welcome people into Christ's fold in a way that we full-time missionaries cannot. The Lord NEEDS you so very much! And promises that as you do these things He will forgive you of your sins, He will bless you beyond measure, He will exalt you on High at the last day!
I love you all dearly! Thanks for the great support :)
Sister Murphy Senior

Temple time! 

I moust-ache you to setup my TV satellite 

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