Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sister Murphy Speaking...

Good morning :)

This past week was emotional and humbling. The Lord blessed me, beyond measure. We joined as a relief society to watch the Women's General Conference Broadcast. As the opening number stood to sing, some new song I've never heard, the spirit overtook me. It was wonderful to feel Utah again, to see and remember the spirit of home. All of my friends and family back in Utah, know that despite having normal trials that all mankind endure, SLC is a special place with the church standing tall and strong. I read in Matthew 24 that Christ prophesied lightning striking before His coming. My interpretation is the light of Christ will blaze out from His disciples, and I feel Salt Lake is just like that. Lightning of course strikes here in Hutch with our wonderful ward, but it throngs differently in my hometown. Watching conference was powerful, I felt more united and celestial with the world and with fellow daughters of God. THAT is a wonderful feeling :)
I really like how Linda K. Burton said we are and will be called on to volunteer to help our Lord EVERYDAY by serving and loving His children. She asked if we stand each day and cry out, "Here am I! Send me!" I need to remember to specifically take a moment each day to offer my talents and gifts and blessings to God for His hastening the work. That is, after all, what makes each day worth living!!
I think the most touching experience this past week was being able to witness a Hutchinson church leader humble himself and apply the enabling and redeeming power of the atonement. Honestly as missionaries and auxiliary leaders we have struggled from the limitations and stipulations of this particular leader. His pride was "tareing" this city, in a way. He stood to finish his wife's Sunday school lesson yesterday, and read from a book depicting a personal story of applying the atonement. As he then bore his testimony of Christ his voice broke, and the Spirit grew immensely. He said Christ is the one and is the only way, he said many beautiful things, and then went on to talk about the difficulties and strife of working in Hutch. He said there are too many less-actives, 400 to be exact, and they canNOT go unfound and unvisited as they have. He said their full-time missionaries are working hard (I cried at that one) and they have need to work along with us. We had hoped for this, but really never anticipated him changing so drastically.

Of course, he is still the stubborn ol' geezer he always has been, but his heart has broken and he is becoming more contrite. It is just a thrill to witness someone being changed by the atonement, especially if it is going to greatly affect and inspire others surrounding.

The western dance o' course was a hoot! The whole week was great and inspiring. We got to visit a ward member and her newly born baby. I can't remember the last time I was able to have a similar experience, and I had been warned that the feeling in the room of such a baby is powerful. I did not anticipate HOW powerful it really was! As I attempted explaining why I was so emotional in their visit, the father eloquently said to me, "you can feel with great assurance that she really did just come from heaven."

I just want to tell those of you that might be needing to hear this, that the Savior really and truly loves you. He loves you so much. He loves you. I know from personal experience that He is ALWAYS watching over you. Everything that happens to you has purpose, and He orchestrates your life so that you might learn the BETTER more influential lessons so that He can lead you to the greater things in life, and build you up to receive untold blessings. Be patient, long-suffering, full of love, and willing to submit to all things that He chooses for you. I know it is all worth it, because I am being changed by Him, because of His Ultimate Sacrifice.

I too love you all! Thank you for listening, and thanks to those who've responded. As Sister Hinckley says it best, "OH how we NEED each other!" I love you all!!!

Sister Murphy Senior

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