Monday, April 21, 2014


Our dear President Bell has asked us to email him a weekly experience of faith. For some strange reason I struggle with this sort of request... I can't ever seem to remember a specific experience that includes looking back, applying, and affirming how faith saved the moment! I feel like my faith is more like a building, being built brick for brick, line upon line, with nothing pivotal or extreme, just small gentle moments. However! I feel inclined to find something anyways...

I've been told numerous experiences of others interacting with a thin veil during their Genealogy efforts (looking back). And so as I sat down at the computer to start my two hours of family history work I thought perhaps I should pray to be guided as I "turned my heart to my fathers" to find them! After my prayer I worked and started to feel a stirring... nothing huge like my hand possessed to guide the mouse haha, just a simple stirring in my heart, or, excitement really, to connect with my ancestors. After an hour and a half I found a Calib Madison, who didn't have a spouse linked or any specific dates. I decided to check out a census for him in 1850 and I FOUND HIM! And found he had MORE siblings than Family Search had recorded, and then I found his tomb stone in Nebraska and he was buried with his WIFE Drusilla! And his name was instead Caleb C. Madison, and his work had not been done AT ALL and his wife has all of her work finished save for the sealing because no one knew of her husband!!! I about freaked out and I feel the adrenaline and almost teary eyed just thinking about it.... 

I guess I really did have quite the faith building experience. I know I am being influenced to complete a great work, and I am thoroughly delighted to have found dear Caleb, my first ancestor I found ever. I cannot wait to do their temple work (unless someone gets to them first, I don't feel right reserving their work for years just for my behalf)!

This week was utterly AMAZING!!! My comp and I just absolutely loved zone conference and EASTER and #BecauseOfHim video was so stinking good. My faith has been building like crazy, the atonement changing me slow and steady, my weaknesses being broken down, and my brain FLIPPING out at finding a live cockroach squirming on our green shaggy carpet this morning. YIKES!!! He is now being sterilized and preserved in a top-notch plastic cup under a HEAVY pile of pass-along-cards. Perhaps we shall give him a name. Sister Prince says we will call him Folly ("a mistake" she explained haha).

Watch "Because of Him!" Read PMG and build up yo testimonies. Come on, Saints!! Stay constantly converting to this amAZING gospel because it is the truth and it is special and it is fantastic and it is changing the world!! And pray these great Kansan winds don't blow me away to Oz! Thank heavens for biking shorts all day err day haha.
Sister Murphy Senior
PS: You can check out my great great extended cousin, Caleb C. Madison @

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