Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Estoy emocionado!!‏

Hey there family and friend faces!! I'm being transferred to Harrison Park, Derby so I really don't got much time! But I wanted to shout out the joy of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of le Latter Day Saints. Oh BOY It is just so utterly fantastic. Aren't you just so excited???? I'm beaming from ear to ear right now!

This pics an oldy but, just reminding you where I still am! (sort of…)

We got to teach YWs the Importance of the Restoration today. For the first time I felt like I took heed to Bednar's urge to "get out of the way" and let the Spirit teach. We had them study in groups different points of the first lesson, you know, Heavenly Father reveals His gospel in every dispensation, Saviors earthly ministry and atonement, and the Great Apostacy. Then Sister Prince and I taught the first vision and it brought in a powerful spirit as always. And then coolest of all we got an amazing Priesthood Leader Brother Sant to be "Bob" the investigator and had the girls roleplay with him bearing testimony of the Restoration. It got me so stinkin re-excited again to be a member of this church!!!!

Seriously guys think about this. Think about the revelation and direction and simplicity and profound doctrine and closeness to God and priesthood power and humility and knowledge and purity and covenants we have! Oh the gifts of the Restoration just go on and on and on and I think my favorite (not that you could REALLY choose one thing) is the hope and peace it brings. Knowing our Father in Heaven is SO present in our lives, guiding us everyday, orchestrating our life so we are hit with character-building trials and inexplicable joys and reliefs is just a wonderful, beautiful thing. Wow. I am so proud of my God and my church.

I LOVE MY FAMILY!! You all are really just so stinkin fantastic. And I love all my great friends too. THANK YOU for keeping me posted, and I'm sorry I don't always respond, P-days are really just that, preparation days and sometimes I wish we had extra time to actually communicate more but it ain't always so. Know that I LOVE YOU dearly!!

Give someone random a high five today, I DARE YOU! Smiles and happy weirdness are true medicine magic. Hahaha... and that's the gospel of Sister Murphy. Adios!!

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