Monday, April 14, 2014

Hellllllo from the flat blustery white plains of the K-dub mission!

We are currently experiencing high wind and a chill of -13 degrees. Giddy-up!!

This week was a super boost week, I can't believe what has been happening for me. Have any of you ever experienced a rut, where you KNOW all that is true and all that is great and you are doing the fancy spiritual routine but for some reason you just ain't got that spiritual high? Don't lie to yourself, I know you all have because it happens to all of us practically all the time, being carnal and all. I'm happy to say, thanks to Elder Martino of the seventy and President and Sister Bell and Sister Christensen my faithful comp and this amazing gospel that I've pulled out and am beaming from ear to ear. I put on my armor today, shield of faith, loins of truth, sword of righteousness hoohah!

And the finishing cred goes to the heroic Elder Antonio Banderas. He is one of the spanish-speaking missionaries in Hutch, and is from Ecuador. For the few months I've known him, he has very much struggled to speak English and has been shoved into an all-english speaking area and it appeared to keep him in a frenzy. Yesterday when we attended just sacrament with only 25 Saints present, he stood and bore his eloquent and incredibly simple testimony of the truth of this gospel. He spoke of his challenge to communicate here, and his life-long dream to serve a mission. The power exuding from the truth in his words was unreal, it burst into that small chapel and stilled our souls. I hope I can one day bear testimony that movingly.

Elder Martino taught of Alma and Amulek. He said the latter HAD to be a less-active. It makes sense when you read of the premise of their story, before Alma even went back to Ammonihah. The sermons they passionately presented and the power of the spirit was incredible, and Martino helped us to understand how IMPORTANT member missionaries are. We are so greatly encouraged to have more than half of our lessons with a member, active or not. They have the ability to recall their testimony deep within and relate with the investigator more profoundly than any missionary can. Plus the spiritual satisfaction God blesses us with post-missionary efforts is awakening. Alma knew that when he nurtured and blessed Amulek, and invited him to teach along his side.

I hope that all of you are considering this opportunity, to not only bear witness in daily conversation, but to tag along with full-time missionaries. We need you so desperately! Don't be afraid! Don't feel inadequate! The Lord calls the meek and weak to do His work because they convey a modest testimony in a more powerful way than any scriptorium ever could!

My mom-comp Sister Smartt and I caught up at the conference and she told of me of Elder Nichols, the missionary that changed so many lives in Lake Shawnee Topeka Kansas. She said they talked on and on, the Hills and various families, of the impact he made. AND HE IS MY FRIEND!! I couldn't believe it, so this is a shout out to my good friend Max back at home. You left a legacy here! It's got me thinking about legacies... not Eliza Walker style, but the opportunity we each have, to produce a Godly influence on others.
We had three on date for baptism this past week, and lost them within days. Satan is working strong against us, it takes a village to baptize a soul and we are determined to improve our teaching skills and to boost this ward up in order to do so!

I hope all of you have kept warm both inside and out! I love you and hope you are all doing well and hanging tough! You are all so amazing, I am so grateful to know that I have such an incredible bunch of family and friends back at home to return to one day. You are all so precious to me and I pray for your spiritual growth and love!

Sister Murphy Senior

PS: Happy belated birthday Grandma Payne!!

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